I’ve been feeling a bit ambivalent just lately. I’ve always believed that marketing can be a force for good … but in the wrong hands it can also cause havoc.

1 Phil PrestonThis was brought home to me recently when I was watching the second episode of BBC Two’s fascinating series “The Men Who Made Us Spend”. The premise was that marketers and ‘Mad Men’ successfully use fear to create a ‘need’ for a product or service that doesn’t really exist. Their reporter cited numerous examples in health and beauty markets such as the invention of Halitosis by the marketing men at Listerine which induced public paranoia over bad breath and sold gazillions of gallons of mouthwash as a result. Other products to come under the spotlight included the dubious health benefit claims made for Vitamin Water and the insatiable demand for SUVs driven by an irrational fear of death by other people’s driving – in other words if you drive a big brute of a vehicle your chances of survival are enhanced (conversely you can do some real damage to the poor person in the other car).

So this got me thinking – is a need different from a want? The answer to the question is yes, most times, because a need is something you need but you don’t necessarily need a want! Are you still with me?

Let me give you an example. According to our good friend Abraham Maslow we all have a pyramid of basic human needs starting with the Physiological Needs that ensure our survival – air, shelter, water and food.

That’s all fine and dandy but marketers must take some responsibility for turning the need for food into a want for more and more food that is fuelling the inexorable rise in obesity, one of the biggest problems faced by most western societies.

And here’s another example – last month I wrote about the dark side of social media which paradoxically for some young people is making them feel increasingly isolated and alone rather than satisfying their basic human need to belong. The need is for friends and family – marketers have created the want, nay must-have, for Facebook and Twitter that both solves and creates problems. Incidentally I find the addition of WiFi to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs both amusing and sad.

So, with some justification, it could be claimed that the activities of those marketers lacking a social conscience are contributing to societal and global problems such as obesity, binge drinking, poverty and climate change.

However, I would counter claim that professional marketers who practice their craft responsibly within the CIM’s updated and re-released Professional Marketing Standards and the Institute’s Code of Professional Standards have the social conscience, insight, intelligence and creativity to solve them.

Nevertheless, unless marketers try to make changes soon I fear society’s problems could get worse before they get better. This prompts me to end with these prophetic lyrics from one of my favourite Stones tracks, written by Messrs Jagger and Richards:

“No you can’t always get what you want, you can’t always get what you want, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you just might find you get what you need”.

2 TatianaTatiana Schofield, Chair of the Greater London Region Board, is an innovation management expert. Here she shares her insights on the rise of Innovation Intermediaries, in this third article in her series on Open Innovation.

“Innovation in new product and services development is a key factor in keeping companies ahead of the competition. Companies are relentlessly searching for new sources of inspiration, new uses and new directions to come up with new product ideas. Sometimes they set up in-house teams whose mandate is to screen, scout, search and filter good ideas. A classic example of such model is P&G’s Connect & Develop. In other cases companies work with innovation intermediaries who help identify and shape a solution to a company’s challenge.

This is where the innovation brokers come in. Innovation brokers are the intermediaries between ‘innovation creators’ and ‘innovation seekers’. They can source information, ideas and solutions from the best people in the relevant field. It enables an efficient flow of knowledge and expertise that benefits both ‘creators’ and ‘seekers’.

InnoCentive is a great example of an innovative broker, offering crowd sourced ideas and solutions to both public and private sectors (www.innocentive.com). They believe that in the 21st century it’s the combination of creativity, passion and diversity that can solve business, as well as societal problems. Their statistics speak for themselves: 300,000+ registered solvers from over 200 countries, 500,000+ project rooms opened, 40,000+ solutions submitted with 85% success rate. Their cloud-based platform ensures rapid and sustainable solution delivery.

Another successful example of an innovation broker is Big Idea Group. BIG has been in the innovation development and consulting business for over a decade, working with a variety of companies and entrepreneurs on a range of projects. They have a team of experiences entrepreneurs, product developers and innovators, using the latest tools and technologies such as crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, cloud storage, social media, rapid prototyping models, and more. They make innovation simple by breaking down their services into small, comprehensible packages.

Marblar is another innovation broker focusing on B2B sector (www.marblar.com). Marblar is, in a way, a reverse of InnoCentive. Marblar starts with the solution (technology, for example) and rewards those who can find problems these technologies can solve. The platform also enables the users to vote on the best ideas/solutions posted on the site, thus, indicating their feasibility.

Innovation brokerage is a new trend. Will it stand the test of time? Well, according to an American engineer and entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell “Innovation is hard. It really is. Because most people don’t get it. Remember, the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, these were all considered toys at their introduction because they had no constituency. They were too new.” All new trends are ‘toys’ until they become essential to the way we live.”

Catch up on Tatiana’s first two articles:

3 Food, Drink and AgricultureIf you work in the food, drink or agriculture sectors, then consider joining over 700 other marketing professionals in our market interest group.

If you’re a CIM member it’s free!

As a CIM member, you can join up to three of our interest groups, for free. There is one exception and that’s the Levitt Group, which is for senior marketers, and a small annual fee applies to this group. Find out more about our interest groups.

The group’s mission

To benefit members involved in the food, drink and marketing chain by providing a specialist forum for the interchange of ideas, contacts and developments, and to promote participative activities and marketing professionalism.

Specialist programme of events

The group hosts regular events, many of them in London, where industry specialists, marketing agencies, government representatives and the academic world tackle the issues of the moment and provide their insights illustrated with case study examples. Recent speakers have included senior executives from the likes of the US Department of Agriculture, Genus plc, Shore Capital, Jordans, Alpro, Kantar World Panel, AB Agri, Bakkavor, PWC Agriculture and BOCM Pauls – all ‘best of class’ in their area.

You’ll be able to network with fellow professionals across the supply chain, gain contacts and exchange ideas. The FDA Group also holds an Annual Presidents Dinner in the House of Commons where we make an award to a business or organisation who has excelled in the marketing of agricultural, food or drink products. Past winners include the likes of the Pink Lady apple association, the Fair Trade Foundation, Samworth Brothers, Berry Gardens, Green & Blacks, the English Wine Company, Long Clawson Dairy and Dorset Cereals.

Our next event will be held on 24 September 2014:
Social media in agriculture – a waste of time or a powerful business tool?

Know more – from wine to packed lunches

You can access industry-specific reports, journals and articles. This includes Key Note, MBD, Mintel and Snapshot reports on a wide range of specialist topics, from children’s packed lunches and automated vending to organic food and the wine industry.

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4 Social media for charitiesOn 10 September, our Charity Marketing Group is hosting this social media event, where leaders in their field will discuss hot topics in social media marketing for charities. You’ll get the chance to ask the panel questions on hot topics such as future trends, the role of digital within the overall marketing strategy and how to measure ROI on social media activities.

The future of social media for charities

10 September 2014 from 18:00 to 20:30.
Cass Business School
106 Bunhill Row
London, EC1Y 8TZ

CPDMembers and Studying members: £15.00; Students: £10.00 and Non-members: £20.00

Book today

Our speakers are Nancy Furber, Digital Marketing Manager at UNICEF and Chris Thorn, Head of Digital at the British Heart Foundation as well as Zoe Amar of Zoe Amar Communications; David Donnan the CEO of Igentics; and David Girling, Lecturer at the University of East Anglia.

NEAREST-TUBE  Old Street and Moorgate


This is a CPD category 10 event, accredited for 2 hours CPD.

The CIM Charity Marketing Group is for marketers who are directly or indirectly working to deliver services, campaigns, communications, fundraising initiatives or general support to the charity and not-for-profit (NFP) sector. Members can join up to three interest groups free of charge, just call 01628 427120 to join a group. The Levitt Group, for senior marketers, is an exception, as an annual fee of £30 is applicable. If you know someone who is not a CIM member but would like to join the Charity Marketing Group they can do so by becoming an Affiliate member first. Find out more about the group.

The Women in Marketing Awards 2014 is open for entries, so it’s decision time. Will you enter personally, to get the recognition you and your team deserve? Or will you nominate a female marketer whose professional approach and work you admire? Whichever you decide, these awards are a great way to celebrate the achievements of women marketers.

Enter the awardsDon’t delay! Now is the time to put together your entry. These awards are free to enter. There are accolades for impressive female leaders and for women marketers working in consumer or business to business markets. These are open to agency and client-side marketers. For those with less than 6 years in marketing, there’s a fast track award to recognise advancement. Plus if you work as an independent consultant or for a not-for-profit there are awards that reflect the challenges of your sector. For the truly inspirational marketer, who’s breaking new ground for their own organisation and the profession, there’s a ‘Special award for outstanding contribution to marketing’.

Take a look at the categories and find out more about how to enter.

Awards CeremonyThe awards culminate in a glittering evening of celebrations when the winners will be announced and presented with their awards at the prestigious Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. The dress code is smart suits for men and cocktail wear for women.

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6 StudyingWith CIM assignment and exam results out at the end of August, this month is a great time for studying members in London to make plans for the autumn. (Remember the next CIM assessments are due in the first week of December.)

8 kinds of study support

You can contact Student Support Group for help with your CIM studies. They provide a free revision planning helpline for London members on 01784 463057, and also offer one to one support for marketing students who need more individual tuition to help them pass. Fees apply to some. SSG can help in eight ways.

  1. Study planning – free advice on which subjects to tackle, in what order and how many to take at once
  2. Old or new syllabus? – free guidance to help you decide whether you should finish the old syllabus subjects or transfer onto the new syllabus subjects
  3. Diagnostic subject knowledge tests – free online tool to identify any gaps in your subject knowledge
  4. Assignment/exam feedback service – ideal if you have failed and don’t know why
  5. Syllabus refresher sessions – with these sessions you can discuss any aspects that you find hard to understand
  6. Assignment and case study briefings – expert advice on what to do and how to do it
  7. Checking assignment drafts and exam 4 pagers – to check you are up to CIM standard
  8. Mock exam papers & feedback service – all designed to help you pass next time!

SSG can develop an individual study package to suit your study needs and budget. To find out more call Caroline on 01784 463057 or email caroline@studentsupportgroup.co.uk (see SSG website for details & fees).

8 ways to boost your marketing knowledge

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8 free study podcasts

PodcastsTake a break from book learning and lectures and tune into one of these eight free CIM study podcasts, available with supporting factsheets from the SSG website.

  1. Life as a Chartered Marketer with Mark Batchelor
  2. How to get on in Marketing – Simon Basset, Head of EMR
  3. How to stay motivated in your CIM studies – Polly Grant
  4. Interested in CAM digital marketing qualifications
  5. How to pass the CIM Professional Certificate
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To find out more call Caroline on 01784 463057 or email caroline@studentsupportgroup.co.uk 

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If you need to brush up your social media skills we have a host of training courses coming up in London. As a member you get 10% off the regular price.


Social media training in London
Date Subject Desciption
3 September 2014 Advanced Social Media a Practical Guide Boost your social media activity's effectiveness with practical advice and real-world examples
9 September 2014 Social Media Marketing B2B Exploit the potential of social media to drive engaging business to business dialogue
11 September 2014 Implementing Social Media Campaigns Build a social media strategy and implement it using a combination of social channels
26 September 2014 Managing Social Reputation How to improve the effectiveness and integrity of your organisation's digital and social presence
7 October 2014 Social Media Marketing Understanding and applying the tools and techniques of Social Media Marketing in today's marketing communications mix
8 October 2014 Social and Digital Metrics and Analytics The art and science of listening learning and leveraging digital and social media insight
14 October 2014 Social Media for Sales Finding  growing and closing the people that matter for your sales


cpd-cim-7hrs-rgb-smallThese one day training courses are a category 2 activity which earns you 7 hours CPD.

Training takes place at Euston House in Eversholt Street central London, beside Euston and Kings Cross stations.

Don’t forget that being a CIM member means that you qualify for a 10% discount on our training courses.

The MarketerAre you curious about the career opportunities just around the corner? Take a look at our marketing jobs board to see some of the possibilities. This online recruitment site is the jobs section of our official membership magazine ‘The Marketer’.

With The Marketer Jobs you can search for your ideal job, register and receive e-mail alerts on new jobs as they are posted.

Search by:

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If you’d like to advertise your marketing vacancies on The Marketer Jobs then register as a recruiter online and upload your marketing job.

lead generationA successful business needs leads to ensure it’ll make sales and turn a profit. But is the strong focus on lead generation healthy for technology marketers? Sales teams want leads but only if they are qualified ones, and preferably in large volumes. Can this emphasis on lead generation make sense for high value technology sales?

Corporate leaders or leadaholics? Should marketers do lead generation?
23 September 2014, from 16:30 to 19:00
Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
One South Place
London, EC2M 2RB

Members and studying members: £20.00; students and non-members: £25.00

Book today

This is a CPD category 10 event accredited for 2 hours CPD.
Click here to view the map Link

CPDThis event is hosted by our Technology market interest group. As a CIM member you can join up to three interest groups, like this one, free of charge. The exception is the Levitt Group for senior marketers where a small annual fee is charged. If any of your colleagues would like to join and they are not currently a member of CIM they will need to become an Affiliate member first.

CPDHave you considered working towards becoming a Chartered Marketer? It could help you to get ahead and keep your edge.

The benefits include having your name listed in our Chartered Marketer Directory; designation after your name and the use of the Chartered Marketer logo on your personal stationery and website

But more than that, Chartered Marketer status is the mark of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional. It shows your commitment to Continued Professional Development (CPD). This can include personal development activity that enhances your skills, knowledge and expertise from reading trade journals to completing training courses or CIM qualifications. All of which ultimately improves your marketing performance and career prospects.

You can gain Chartered Marketer status by:

  • Completing 35 hours of CPD activity annually for a minimum of two consecutive years. Being a Member (MCIM) or Fellow (FCIM). Don’t forget that you can start CPD activity at any grade of membership.
  • Completing and submitting your CPD record card with supporting evidence each year for two consecutive years by the annual deadline.

If you aren’t yet a Member (MCIM) or Fellow (FCIM) at the end of your second consecutive year, you can apply to be upgraded. This upgrade to MCIM or FCIM must be gained by 31 December to achieve Chartered Marketer status that year.

When you achieve Chartered Marketer status you are also making a commitment to continue your CPD activity. One in ten Chartered Marketers must provide their record cards each year. It’s a great incentive to manage your own professional progression.

The CPD year runs from 1 July – 30 June so REGISTER NOW



ResearchIlya Girson, our contact at the University of Westminster, is conducting a cross-cultural survey on communication in the workplace. Ilya, is a marketing lecturer at the University, and has asked for CIM members to be given the opportunity to contribute their views as part of the UK element of this international study conducted simultaneously in various developed countries in the world. Specifically, they are seeking the views of ‘the native’ UK/British professionals/managers/marketers who are currently in employment.  Anonymity and confidentiality will be respected as the data will be used for statistical analysis only. The results will be published in peer-reviewed journals and provided to any participant on request.

Please share your views!

Main aims of the cross-cultural study
UK views will be analysed and contribute to at least three unique studies.

  1. How different aspects of the workplace influence employees’ communication styles at work, and the degree to which these relationships are consistent in different countries.
  2. A cross-cultural assessment of the degree to which corporate culture influences employees’ trust of management, engagement in citizenship behaviours, and level of satisfaction with their career success.
  3. The cross-cultural differences in the role that one’s perception of psychological safety plays in influencing employees’ attitudes and behaviours at work.


Get in2 marketingNow that degree students have gained their degrees and graduated from University, the rush is on, to find work. The same is true for school and college leavers who have completed their qualifications and are looking for their next step. For anyone that’s keen on a career in marketing our getin2marketing.com website provides plenty of helpful information and contacts.

There’s information on salaries, specialisms and typical job roles in marketing. Those new to marketing can also find information about improving their employability and a listing of recruitment agencies. So if you know of anyone considering marketing as a profession, you could let them know about the getin2marketing.com website.

Social media in AgricultureHow significant is social media in this sector? 

If you’re about to embark on a social media strategy or have a plan in place but have yet to be convinced of the results, you’ll want to know the extent that social media can impact on your business results. At this London event, Simon Haley, partner at SocialB and co-founder of ArgiChat UK, will explain how the agricultural and food industry is using social media to boost its competitive edge and raise awareness with real world examples. Simon will share his insights on how social media is used to change key influencing decisions on important topics.

Social media in agriculture – a waste of time or a powerful business tool?
Wednesday 24 September 2014 from 18:15 to 20:15
New Zealand House
80 Haymarket
Members and Studying members £20:00; Non-members: £25.00. Students and Under 25s: free.

Book todayAgriChatUK was set up 2 years ago and this supply chain forum already has 12,000 participants. High profile guests include individuals from Defra, and the NFU, as well as farmers and food companies. Over 120 different discussions have been held since it started on topics ranging from the horse meat CPDscandal and farm succession to GM, climate change and access to finance. Simon has emerged as something of a rising star in this area, has made quite a name for himself and is well worth listening to.

This is a CPD category 10 event accredited for 1.5hours CPD.

NEAREST-TUBE Charing Cross, Piccadilly Circus

To develop your social media skills you can attend one of our training courses. Members are eligible for a 10% discount.

August 1, 2014

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