P PrestonDespite it being the same evening as the opening match of the World Cup over 70 delegates attended our event looking at social media and its darker side.

To set the scene Shaun Austin from YouGov uncovered the results of the CIM’s latest research which revealed that unethical online business behaviour threatens the integrity and value of social media. It’s impossible to do the research justice in this short column but you’ll find everything you need to know here: KEEP SOCIAL HONEST

Shaun was followed by Dave Cutter from social marketing agency Hitch-ed. Dave firmly advocated the use of social media to influence positive behaviour change (e.g. Cancer Research’s #NoMakeupSelfies and Alcohol Concern’s Dry January) , but he also proposed that there is a dark side.

He talked about the growing body of evidence that shows how the continued increase in use of mobile devices and social media is adversely affecting the behaviour of adolescents, and the implications this can have as they develop into young adults.

For instance did you know that social networking site (SNS) use is linked to lowered self-esteem and depression, particularly among adolescents who use SNS as compensation for a lack of ‘offline’ interaction. It can also become addictive – adolescents ‘hooked’ on SNS have displayed withdrawal symptoms in line with gambling and substance misusers when removed from electronic media access.

He rounded off the evening with a video that urged us all to look up from our screens every now and then to take in what’s going on around us. Not surprisingly it’s called LOOK UP and you’ll find it here – look beyond the cheese at the message.

Ade“The Women in Marketing Awards shine a light on the important contribution of professional female marketers. Now open for entries, the awards give us the opportunity to pay tribute to their achievements and recognise their excellent work. It’s time to start thinking about inspirational women marketers that you would like to nominate. We also welcome self-nominations, so that you (and your team) get the recognition that you deserve.”

Choose your category

The Awards are free to enter and you can choose as many categories as you wish.

1. Best Female Leader in Marketing
2. Female Fast Track Marketer of the Year
3. Best Female Marketer – Consumer
4. Best Female Marketer – Business-to-Business
5. Best Female Marketer – Independent Consultant
6. Best Female Marketer – Not-for-Profit
7. Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marketing

The countdown begins

The form-filling element of your entry is straightforward, but it pays to support your entry with well presented evidence such as testimonials from colleagues and clients or brief case study material if appropriate. Find out more. Entries close on 8 September so you have two months to complete your entry.

Don’t forget!

Include a good quality photo of yourself and your company logo with your entry.

Winners circle

winners-2013Becoming a winner of these prestigious awards is something to be rightly proud of and ranks you amongst leading women marketers. Last year the winners included:

Katie Vanneck Smith, News UK: Best Female Leader in Marketing – Client Side

Claire Stokes, Circle Agency: Best Female Leader in Marketing – Agency Side

Winners came from independent consultants and not-for-profit organisations as well as big brands. See all the winners for 2013.

Attend the ceremony

The ceremony will be held on Tuesday 4 November 2014 at the prestigious Ham Yard Hotel, Soho. As always, gentlemen are very welcome to be part of this glitzy event. Why not save the date!

Want to be recognised as a great writer? After all, being able to write well is an essential business skill. And because it’s essential it’s something that every marketing department and agency values.

Our summertime programme of copywriting courses in London are practical and informative, to make sure you get your message across. That way you can engage your audience, entertain, inform, advise and ultimately sell more!

Who can benefit?

If you’re directly involved in writing website content or marketing materials, then you know what it means to make every word count. These courses show you how. And if you’re managing a team that does the writing for you, you’ll want to guide and support their work. That’s why these courses will provide you with the insights you need. So when colleagues come back from their summer break in need of motivation – you’ll be raring to go with new skills and ideas.

London courses in August
Date Subject Description
5 August 2014 Principles of Great Copywriting A highly interactive course designed to build confidence in writing for marketing communications
19 August 2014 How to Write for the Web Words that get your site noticed by search engines and your audience
22 August 2014 How to Write the Perfect Brochure and Leaflet The A-Z of writing brochures and leaflets – packed with useful information
27 August 2014 How to Write Successful Newsletters and Press Releases Create compelling press releases and newsletters that produce goodwill and motivate readers to take action
28 August 2014 Advanced Copywriting Skills Think about your copywriting in a more conceptual way and dramatise ideas for your audience

CPDThese one day training courses are a category 2 activity which earns you 7 hours CPD. Training takes place at Euston House in Eversholt Street central London, beside Euston and Kings Cross stations.

Don’t forget that being a CIM member means that you qualify for a 10% discount on our training courses.

In such a dynamic profession as marketing it’s vital to keep up with the latest developments. That’s why we’ve completed a strategic review and made some syllabus changes to our qualifications to ensure you stay ahead of the game.  If you’re part-way through studying for your CIM qualifications you may be wondering what the changes are and what you need to do as a result.

What’s changing?

  • The changes affect the CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing and CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing.
  • The PostGraduate Diploma (Level 7) syllabus won’t change at all until summer 2015

Key dates

  • The new qualifications will be ready for the first intake of students in September 2014
  • The first assessment for the new qualifications will be in December 2014
  • The final assessment session for the existing qualifications will be in September 2015.

What does it mean for me?

Anyone wanting to continue studying for their existing qualification can do so. For the Certificate and Diploma this must be completed by September 2015. You could choose to switch over to the new qualifications if you’re eligible. Or you might prefer to start afresh with the new qualifications. Take a look at the options open to you.

CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing

If you’ve already begun studying for your CIM Level 4 Professional Certificate here’s how the old modules you’re familiar with relate to the new module which everyone must take:

CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing

Your options if you began your Certificate studies from 2008

  1. If you’ve passed the TWO existing ME and AME units, you can transfer to the new Certificate without having to gain the Marketing mandatory module.
  2. If you’ve partly completed the existing CIM Level 4 qualification, but have not yet achieved both ME and AME, you will need to either:
  • Make sure you complete both the ME and AME modules that equate to the new mandatory Marketing module. Please bear in mind that the last assessment session for the existing CIM Level 4 qualification is September 2015


  • Start the new CIM Level 4 qualification afresh.

Your options if you began your Certificate studies from 2008

If you started your CIM studies before 2008, the choice is simple. You can either:

  • Complete the existing CIM Level 4 qualification (remembering, of course that the last assessment session is September 201


  • Start the new CIM Level 4 qualification afresh.

For any further advice to help plan your CIM study route, please see our Learning Zone or contact caroline@studentsupportgroup.co.uk by email or call 01784 463057 who will be delighted to advise you.


CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing

If you’re already on your way to getting your CIM Level 6 Diploma qualification here’s how the old modules relate to the new ones.

CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing

Your options if you began your Diploma studies from 2009

  1. If you’ve already passed the TWO existing MPP and MM units, you can switch to the new CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing without having to gain the mandatory Strategic Marketing module.
  2. If you’ve partly completed the existing CIM Level 6 qualification, but haven’t yet achieved both MPP and MM, will need to either:
  • Make sure you complete both the MPP and MM units that equate to the mandatory Strategic Marketing module by the last assessment session in September 2015.


  • Start the new CIM Level 6 qualification afresh.

Your options if you began your Diploma studies before 2009

If you started your CIM studies before 2009 your options are either:

  • Complete the existing CIM Level 6 qualification by the last assessment session in September 2015.


  • Start the new CIM Level 6 qualification afresh.

If you’d like help to plan your CIM study route, please see our Learning Zone or contact caroline@studentsupportgroup.co.uk by email or call 01784 463057 and she’ll be delighted to advise you.

As a member you have access to marketing journals and one supplier is global publisher Emerald. There are over 20 available online and they’re crammed with best practice information and research insights.

Dawn SouthgateA dozen amongst the best

I’ve highlighted a dozen here that could really add extra depth to your marketing knowledge:

  1. Arts Marketing: An International Journal
  2. Corporate Communications – An International Journal
  3. International Journal of Bank Marketing
  4. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
  5. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
  6. Journal of Consumer Marketing
  7. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management – An International Journal
  8. Journal of Islamic Marketing
  9. Journal of Product & Brand Management
  10. Marketing Intelligence & Planning
  11. Pricing Strategy and Tactics
  12. Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers

How to access the journals

Simply go to our main website at www.cim.co.uk. Click on MyCIM and login using your username and password. The links to the services will then become active – choose Resources, then Online journals and then click the link to Emerald Journals.

If you need any help just contact www.cim.co.uk/elibrary or e-mail library@cim.co.uk or phone 01628 427333.

Why not come along to our regular informal networking event, Meet with Drinks, at the Old Nick in Holborn where you can meet other marketers and their guests?

Meet with drinksMeet with Drinks

Thursday 17 July 2013 from 18:30 to 20:30
The Old Nick, 20-22 Sandland Street, Holborn, WC1R 4PZ
Members £5, Studying members £3, Guests £7.50


This is our last Meet with Drinks before we take a break in August. This regular event will begin again in the autumn.

“It’s an informal event designed so that like minded-marketers and others come together to share ideas and network in a friendly environment.”

Bernie Emery, Meet with Drinks creator Bernie Emery, Meet with Drinks creator

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests in July.

If you’d like to become more effective at networking then we’re running a networking course in September which fits the bill.

For very many marketers, the ability to network effectively is vital for their personal and professional success. Yet networking is something which is often misunderstood, implemented badly or even avoided.

At CIM we recognise the value of networking skills and have designed this intensive one-day course to help you raise your game.

Networking for Business
A planned approach to business networking with proven commercial impact
23 September 2014
Euston House
24 Eversholt Street

This practical course will provide you with a proven, structured approach to follow that works alongside mainstream marketing. By attending the course you’ll leave with your own action plan for effective networking.

Find out more

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 99.9% of private sector companies and provide 60% of private sector jobs, according to the CBI. If you work for an SME, manage or own one, you’ll appreciate the role small businesses have to play in innovation, job creation and growth.

Helping Small Businesses GrowOur SME interest group, the Small Business Community, compiles useful resources and runs events during the year. As a CIM member, you can join up to three of our interest groups, including this one, free of charge. The only exception is the Levitt Group for senior marketers where an annual fee is charged. If any of your colleagues would like to join and they are not currently a member of CIM they will need to become an Affiliate member first.

To join the Small Business Community call 01628 427120.

Join in the conversation at LinkedIn

Take a look at our guide: Helping small businesses grow

Marketing Expert

For the latest support including digital marketing for your business, Marketing Expert offers a wealth of information including more than 200 briefs and templates. Tools include an SME marketing guide as well as guidance on strategy, communications, search engine marketing, social media strategy and measurement, to name just a few. You’ll need to login as a member to use these tools. http://www.cimmarketingexpert.co.uk/smeMarketingPlan

10 Minute Guides

Our introductory level 10 Minute Guides have also stood the test of time, including:

Government support

The City of London Corporation offers support for small businesses in the City and beyond. While resources for UK business are explained on this government website. The ‘Business is Great Britain’ website is designed to inspire as well as inform.

If you could find a free way to stay informed and save yourself time, you’d be pretty happy, right?
Our weekly email roundup of the latest news, Cutting Edge, is designed to help you do just that.

Cutting EdgePast news has included:

  • Tweet analytics (The Economist)
  • Crowdfunding (Business Life)
  • Cashless payments on the rise (Retail week)
  • Ebooks to overtake print fiction by 2018 (The Guardian)
  • Social media and intention to buy (International Journal of Market Research)
  • Are co-ops viable? (FT)

Over 120 publications are reviewed by our Research and Information team to find the top marketing stories each week. That includes the national newspapers and trade press from The Grocer to the Journal of Advertising and Wired. It’s pretty comprehensive and a great time-saver.


Provided we have your email you’ll be sent your copy. The email highlights top stories and you can click to see the extended version of Cutting Edge with stories by sector and marketing discipline. You can also read Cutting Edge online. It’s in the Resources section of our website. Just login for this member-only content.


If you couldn’t make it to the Digital Summit in London or join the webinar when it aired, then you can now tune into the recording of the webinar at whatever time suits you. Keynote speaker, Daniel Rowles, will take you through the key highlights, best takeaway tips and tools from the Summit – summarising the top five most important insights, including:

  • The Digital Summit in perspective.
  • Key results from the Digital Benchmark.
  • The key themes – what we learnt.

You’ll find it as part of our Marketing Expert resource, alongside a host of other Practical Insights Webinars. You’ll need to login to see this exclusive member content.

Cycle from Richmond in West London to Windsor and raise money for Media TrustCycle from Richmond in West London to Windsor and raise money for Media Trust, our charity partner in the Greater London region. This organisation works with the media industry to empower charities and communities to have a voice and be heard. They are always on the lookout for marketing and media professionals who are willing to support charities with advice and practical help many of which are also based in London. This fundraising cycle ride will help them to reach out and support more local charities.

Sunday 7 September 2014
Start time from 9:00 to 10:30
Registration fee: £20
Sponsorship target: £400
Start: Richmond Green (off Kew Rd) Richmond, Surrey TW9 1QF – map
Finish: Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue (off High St.), Windsor, SL4 5HZ – map

Decide on your distance
Your cycle ride will take you from Richmond Green through the villages of the Thames Valley to Alexandra Gardens in Windsor. You can select the route you prefer, distances are approximate:

  • Long route – 55 miles
  • Medium route – 37 miles
  • Short route – 29 miles

Get to the start point and get back
Richmond Station is 300 yards from the start at Richmond Green and an hourly rail service will run from Windsor & Eton Riverside station, 100 yards from the finish, back to London Waterloo via Richmond.

Apply for your place now.

For more information contact Media Trust by email at 20×20@mediatrust.org


Prostate Cancer UK is one of our charity partners here in the capital. They’ve begun an awareness raising campaign fronted by comedian Bill Bailey and he needs your help.

Men Utd

Men United v Prostate Cancer
To beat the disease the charity want to know how clued up you are. Just answer five quick questions by clicking on their Men United quiz.

183,000 men and women have taken part so far.

If you haven’t done it already now it’s your turn, so Men United can hit its 250,000 target.


The British Paralympic Association is our charity partner here in London, so we’re especially proud to report that British Paralympic AssociationKelly Gallagher and Charlotte Evans were recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. The pair made history when they became the first British Paralympic gold medal winners at a winter Games at Sochi 2014 and also the first British athletes to win a gold medal on snow at either an Olympic or Paralympic Games.

Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive of the BPA, said:

“On behalf of everyone at the BPA, I would like to congratulate both Kelly and Charlotte on this fantastic news. This year has been a breakthrough year for our winter Paralympians. I am pleased to see the performances of our winter team have been recognised as on a par with their summer sport counterparts at London 2012.”

As well as the athletes, Shuna Body, Chair of the British Disabled Fencing Association, was also awarded an MBE for her services to Wheelchair Fencing. Also, Jenny Archer, part of the ParalympicsGB in London and who coached David Weir to four gold medals at London 2012, was awarded an MBE for her services to disability Athletics.
Congratulations to you all!

If you’d like to know more about how you can support our paralympian athletes visit the website.

P PrestonOne of the advantages of my job is that every now and then I run across a speaker at a CIM event who blows my socks off. May I introduce you to Bryony Thomas.

In her own words Bryony has “extensive marketing experience; as a marketing agency bod, working on clients like Microsoft and Dell, as client-side director of marketing for ClarityBlue and then as director of marketing in the integrated marketing division of Experian.”

Bryony spoke about Watertight Marketing at a Greater London event for small businesses on 25 April and at our second annual Small Business Marketing Conference held at the University of Hertfordshire on 23 May.

funnelWatertight Marketing is the title of her best-selling book in which she explains how you can identify the 13 touchpoints where a business may be leaking profit and how to plug the holes.

Her genius is in the simplicity and clarity of her approach. She has transformed the much-vaunted sales funnel from the functional sounding “Audience, Respondents, Leads, Qualified Leads, Proposals, Sales and Rewards” to the more thought-provoking “Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trial, Adoption and Loyalty”. Those of you who are followers of Dr Philip Kotler will recognise his AIETA adoption model.

The 13 touchpoints, in order of importance (i.e. plug #1 first) are:

Stage Touchpoint
Loyalty 1. Forgotten customers
Adoption 2. Poor on-boarding
3. No emotional connection
Trial 4. No gateway
5. No critical approval
Evaluation 6. No proof
Interest 7. Information overload
Awareness 8. How
9. Where
10. When
11. Who
12. What
13. No emotional impact


Here’s an example – leak #5 No Critical Approval. Quoting directly from Bryony’s book, “Considered buying decisions aren’t made in a vacuum. Before people go to the trouble of undertaking a Trial, they’ll often consult others … in a business, people don’t just consult but will often need to get formal approval from colleagues or bosses. Whenever your potential buyer seeks the opinion of a third party, you risk losing the sale. At this stage of the process, other people can’t just influence the decision; they can often veto it altogether”. So you need to convince not only the buyer but also anyone else involved in the purchasing decision – in the book Bryony explains how, including how to equip the buyer to win over others within the business.

To get the full picture you need to either read the book, available from the CIM Online Bookshop, or visit her website www.watertightmarketing.com, as I can’t do the concept justice in the space I have available for this article.

You can also download a copy of her conference presentation here.

June 4, 2014

Digital marketing conference, 10 July

Tweet Learn new strategies for success in the digital age at the conference. It’s the eighth in a highly successful series, presenting the latest trends and insights into this fast-changing world. The 8th Cambridge Digital Marketing Conference Authoritative, accessible and affordable Thursday 10 July 2014; 09:30 to 16:30 Imperial War Museum Duxford Duxford Cambridgeshire CB22 [...]

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June 4, 2014

Habitat’s Natalie Crane shares her career story

Tweet London marketer Natalie Crane was recently appointed to an exciting digital role at Habitat and is also an elected member of our CIM Greater London Region Board. In this interview, Natalie shares her career story and insights on digital marketing for the Habitat brand, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year. If you’d like [...]

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