February 27, 2012

It’s all go down under

by zoemichelle

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It’s been an interesting time down under with some major developments in the Labour Party and hence the Australian government. I’m not sure how much Australian news you get in the UK but it’s been a real roller coaster.

The Australian people have in the last year seen Kevin Rudd who was voted in as Prime Minister, booted out overnight as PM and given the role of foreign minister as a sweetener by the Labour Party to make way for his replacement Julia Gillard.

Last week it all kicked off with Kevin Rudd who whilst on an official trip in Washington resigned from his position and proceeded to heavily criticize Julia Gillard. He then jumped on a plane back to Australia and announced he would be challenging Ms Gillard as party leader and that if he lost he would take a seat on the back bench and not re-challenge.

The marketing and PR teams went into overdrive over the weekend and Kevin popped up in Brisbane and I nearly bumped into him when in the city on Saturday! The media circus was out and photographers were all over Queen Street Mall (the main high street) pushing people out of the way to get a photo of him.

So today coinciding with the Oscars by the way – We’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see what happens. They just went in to vote, and unsurprisingly Julia Gillard defeated Kevin Rudd for Federal Labour leadership by 73 votes to 29. So I guess it’s a back bench job for Mr Rudd.

The mud slinging has been incredible and as with the general election campaign, it has all been about the personalities rather than the Parties.

Will keep you updated soon.

Zoe Gell.

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