May 1, 2012

London member’s views on international marketing


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It’s always great to hear what London member’s have to say, so here are the results from our two-minute survey from last month on the subject of international marketing. It goes to show that marketers have a world view!

How important are international markets to your organisation?

Very important 52%
Important 11%
Fairly important 17%
Not important at all 21%

Which countries do you market to?

UK 94%
Europe 62%
USA 43%
Middle East 38%
Asia 39%
Australia 35%
Africa 32%

How do you keep up with the latest trends in marketing?

Website 86%
Magazine 83%
Meet ups/Conference 50%
Twitter 41%
Newspaper 37%
Daily Bulletin 37%
Blog 36%
Facebook 20%

You can give your opinions in this month’s survey and try to win the fantastic prizes on offer from NHJ Style Consultancy.

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