6 StudyingWith CIM assignment and exam results out at the end of August, this month is a great time for studying members in London to make plans for the autumn. (Remember the next CIM assessments are due in the first week of December.)

8 kinds of study support

You can contact Student Support Group for help with your CIM studies. They provide a free revision planning helpline for London members on 01784 463057, and also offer one to one support for marketing students who need more individual tuition to help them pass. Fees apply to some. SSG can help in eight ways.

  1. Study planning – free advice on which subjects to tackle, in what order and how many to take at once
  2. Old or new syllabus? – free guidance to help you decide whether you should finish the old syllabus subjects or transfer onto the new syllabus subjects
  3. Diagnostic subject knowledge tests – free online tool to identify any gaps in your subject knowledge
  4. Assignment/exam feedback service – ideal if you have failed and don’t know why
  5. Syllabus refresher sessions – with these sessions you can discuss any aspects that you find hard to understand
  6. Assignment and case study briefings – expert advice on what to do and how to do it
  7. Checking assignment drafts and exam 4 pagers – to check you are up to CIM standard
  8. Mock exam papers & feedback service – all designed to help you pass next time!

SSG can develop an individual study package to suit your study needs and budget. To find out more call Caroline on 01784 463057 or email (see SSG website for details & fees).

8 ways to boost your marketing knowledge

Now’s the time to enhance your marketing knowledge, with these resources for members.

  1. Information and Library Service – your specialist source of marketing information
  2. Webinars – gain practical insights by viewing our free recorded webinars whenever it suits you. Login to view.
  3. Cutting Edge – your free weekly summary of marketing news
  4. Case studies – see how marketing theory works in practice.
  5. Research – for the latest marketing studies including food labelling and social media
  6. Books – the latest books available to buy from our online shop like ‘Digital Branding: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Strategy, Tactics and Measurement’ by Daniel Rowles
  7. Online journals – enjoy fast, free online access to specialist journals as a CIM member
  8. Local events – Check the calendar for upcoming presentations and workshops in London.


8 free study podcasts

PodcastsTake a break from book learning and lectures and tune into one of these eight free CIM study podcasts, available with supporting factsheets from the SSG website.

  1. Life as a Chartered Marketer with Mark Batchelor
  2. How to get on in Marketing – Simon Basset, Head of EMR
  3. How to stay motivated in your CIM studies – Polly Grant
  4. Interested in CAM digital marketing qualifications
  5. How to pass the CIM Professional Certificate
  6. How to pass the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing
  7. Useful study tips to improve technique and save time
  8. CIM membership benefits and how to use them

To find out more call Caroline on 01784 463057 or email 

If you need to brush up your social media skills we have a host of training courses coming up in London. As a member you get 10% off the regular price.


Social media training in London
Date Subject Desciption
3 September 2014 Advanced Social Media a Practical Guide Boost your social media activity's effectiveness with practical advice and real-world examples
9 September 2014 Social Media Marketing B2B Exploit the potential of social media to drive engaging business to business dialogue
11 September 2014 Implementing Social Media Campaigns Build a social media strategy and implement it using a combination of social channels
26 September 2014 Managing Social Reputation How to improve the effectiveness and integrity of your organisation's digital and social presence
7 October 2014 Social Media Marketing Understanding and applying the tools and techniques of Social Media Marketing in today's marketing communications mix
8 October 2014 Social and Digital Metrics and Analytics The art and science of listening learning and leveraging digital and social media insight
14 October 2014 Social Media for Sales Finding  growing and closing the people that matter for your sales


cpd-cim-7hrs-rgb-smallThese one day training courses are a category 2 activity which earns you 7 hours CPD.

Training takes place at Euston House in Eversholt Street central London, beside Euston and Kings Cross stations.

Don’t forget that being a CIM member means that you qualify for a 10% discount on our training courses.

The MarketerAre you curious about the career opportunities just around the corner? Take a look at our marketing jobs board to see some of the possibilities. This online recruitment site is the jobs section of our official membership magazine ‘The Marketer’.

With The Marketer Jobs you can search for your ideal job, register and receive e-mail alerts on new jobs as they are posted.

Search by:

  • Salary – from below £20,000 to over £100,000
  • Specialist area – such digital or branding
  • Sector – including not-for-profit or agency
  • Contract type –permanent or interim/ contract/ temporary

If you’d like to advertise your marketing vacancies on The Marketer Jobs then register as a recruiter online and upload your marketing job.

CPDHave you considered working towards becoming a Chartered Marketer? It could help you to get ahead and keep your edge.

The benefits include having your name listed in our Chartered Marketer Directory; designation after your name and the use of the Chartered Marketer logo on your personal stationery and website

But more than that, Chartered Marketer status is the mark of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional. It shows your commitment to Continued Professional Development (CPD). This can include personal development activity that enhances your skills, knowledge and expertise from reading trade journals to completing training courses or CIM qualifications. All of which ultimately improves your marketing performance and career prospects.

You can gain Chartered Marketer status by:

  • Completing 35 hours of CPD activity annually for a minimum of two consecutive years. Being a Member (MCIM) or Fellow (FCIM). Don’t forget that you can start CPD activity at any grade of membership.
  • Completing and submitting your CPD record card with supporting evidence each year for two consecutive years by the annual deadline.

If you aren’t yet a Member (MCIM) or Fellow (FCIM) at the end of your second consecutive year, you can apply to be upgraded. This upgrade to MCIM or FCIM must be gained by 31 December to achieve Chartered Marketer status that year.

When you achieve Chartered Marketer status you are also making a commitment to continue your CPD activity. One in ten Chartered Marketers must provide their record cards each year. It’s a great incentive to manage your own professional progression.

The CPD year runs from 1 July – 30 June so REGISTER NOW



Get in2 marketingNow that degree students have gained their degrees and graduated from University, the rush is on, to find work. The same is true for school and college leavers who have completed their qualifications and are looking for their next step. For anyone that’s keen on a career in marketing our website provides plenty of helpful information and contacts.

There’s information on salaries, specialisms and typical job roles in marketing. Those new to marketing can also find information about improving their employability and a listing of recruitment agencies. So if you know of anyone considering marketing as a profession, you could let them know about the website.

Want to be recognised as a great writer? After all, being able to write well is an essential business skill. And because it’s essential it’s something that every marketing department and agency values.

Our summertime programme of copywriting courses in London are practical and informative, to make sure you get your message across. That way you can engage your audience, entertain, inform, advise and ultimately sell more!

Who can benefit?

If you’re directly involved in writing website content or marketing materials, then you know what it means to make every word count. These courses show you how. And if you’re managing a team that does the writing for you, you’ll want to guide and support their work. That’s why these courses will provide you with the insights you need. So when colleagues come back from their summer break in need of motivation – you’ll be raring to go with new skills and ideas.

London courses in August
Date Subject Description
5 August 2014 Principles of Great Copywriting A highly interactive course designed to build confidence in writing for marketing communications
19 August 2014 How to Write for the Web Words that get your site noticed by search engines and your audience
22 August 2014 How to Write the Perfect Brochure and Leaflet The A-Z of writing brochures and leaflets – packed with useful information
27 August 2014 How to Write Successful Newsletters and Press Releases Create compelling press releases and newsletters that produce goodwill and motivate readers to take action
28 August 2014 Advanced Copywriting Skills Think about your copywriting in a more conceptual way and dramatise ideas for your audience

CPDThese one day training courses are a category 2 activity which earns you 7 hours CPD. Training takes place at Euston House in Eversholt Street central London, beside Euston and Kings Cross stations.

Don’t forget that being a CIM member means that you qualify for a 10% discount on our training courses.

natalie-craneLondon marketer Natalie Crane was recently appointed to an exciting digital role at Habitat and is also an elected member of our CIM Greater London Region Board. In this interview, Natalie shares her career story and insights on digital marketing for the Habitat brand, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

If you’d like to do the same, please contact the editor. We’re especially interested in peer-to-peer tips, so get in touch if you have views you’d be happy to share.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m the Digital Marketing Manager at Habitat, and also, a member of the CIM’s Greater London Region. When I’m not working I enjoy dancing (I’m a qualified dance instructor), going to gym and travelling.

What made you choose a career in marketing?
The variety it offers. No two days are the same. Marketing tactics are continually changing and developing as well as the way consumers like to shop.

Why did you decide to become a CIM member?
I wanted to make sure I had a professional qualification on my CV. It’s definitely helped with my career progression. It also provides me with confidence to be the best I can be at my job.

You have both the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and CAM Digital Marketing Diploma – why did you decide to do both?
I soon realised that digital was becoming a more important part of the marketing mix and wanted to ensure that I was up-to-date with this area of marketing. I found I had a real passion for digital marketing and hence this is the direction I have followed in my career.

Tell us about your career journey leading to your current job at Habitat
I worked as the Marketing Manager for Hamilton Fraser Insurance for 6 ½ years. During this time I saw the business and marketing change a lot. It evolved into a business with much more of a digital marketing focus.

I’ve always had a passion for retail and wanted to move into this sector. I was lucky enough that my experience in digital marketing led me to the job at Habitat.

What does your current role involve?
I’m responsible for driving qualified traffic to the Habitat website using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Search, Email marketing, Affiliate Marketing and social media marketing.

When Habitat was bought out by the Home Retail Group in 2011 the main focus was to use short term digital tactics such as paid search to drive immediate traffic to the website and generate revenue. Therefore until now there has been little investment in longer term strategies such as SEO.

My main challenge is to ensure that the Habitat website becomes more visible in the Search Engine Results Pages for generic homeware terms.

What do Habitat customers particularly value about the brand?
The fact that it is innovative design at an affordable price.
We are a British brand.
We design our products in-house.

How do you ensure Habitat’s digital communications look as good as its products given its 50-year reputation for iconic design?
We have recently carried out some branding work with the agency Portas. This ensures our imagery and tone of voice is current and on trend, designed to appeal to our target market of predominantly females between the ages of 25-35 in the London area.

As part of the campaign we have selected very cool, trendy websites to place display advertising on such as DeZine.

Can you share any details of campaigns that have worked particularly well?
It’s a little early to say as I have just started working at Habitat, but here are some campaigns we are currently doing.

As part of our brand campaign we are introducing an Instagram competition asking customers to share pictures of their products in their homes with the hashtag #ourHabitat

We’re looking to invite customer reviews through Trustpilot to improve our online reputation. Once we have star ratings we are happy with, these will be used in our Pay Per Click (PPC) ad copy and on our website to improve conversion.

We’ll also add videos about our products to YouTube and our website to assist in SEO and conversion rate optimisation.

What difference has becoming a member of the Greater London Region Board made to you?
As part of my role I have been lucky enough to present to University students studying marketing about the benefits of studying for a CIM qualification. It feels good to be able to help others out on their career path.

You’ve worked in different market sectors – which marketing skills do you think are the most transferable?
I think nearly all marketing skills are transferable. Once you have the knowledge of marketing strategy and tactics it’s a case of learning about your product and audience and deciding which tactics suit them. The principles of marketing are the same although different tactics will work better with different audiences. I think one of the benefits of working in a role such as marketing is the variety it can bring.

What career advice would you give to other marketers?
Marketing practices are continually evolving, particularly in digital marketing; therefore my advice would be to go to as many seminars and workshops as possible, keep up to speed through industry magazines and social media.

I think the CIM is great way to provide you with a support network and keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing.

About Habitat

Since 1964 Habitat has made outstanding design accessible to all. Times have changed, but the vision remains the same: remarkable design that is enduring, inventive and affordable.

Habitat has three flagship central London stores in Tottenham Court Road, King’s Road and Finchley Road, a transactional website and 20 Mini Habitat stores within Homebase branches nationwide. A large selection of Habitat product is now also available in Homebase and Argos stores nationwide.

Habitat’s Managing Director, Clare Askem, has been with the brand since 2011 when it was acquired by Home Retail Group and the Habitat in-house design and buying team has been under the guidance of Polly Dickens since 2012. Habitat also launched Platform, an innovative design initiative and gallery space housed in the King’s Road store in 2012 that now hosts a calendar of design exhibitions throughout the year.

Habitat celebrates its 50th birthday in 2014.

enews-0514-top-10-tips-300x300When CIM Examiners grade your assignments and exams they use a set of key principles, adapted by CIM subject and study level of course. London’s Student Support Group give you their top ten tips to pass, by matching what the CIM Examiner expects – key principles of interpretation, coherent answers and so on – with what students need to do to succeed in meeting these expectations.

1. Interpretation of the assignment task brief/exam question

Respond to the command (action) words in the brief/question, for example:

  • describe
  • illustrate
  • critically evaluate etc.

Student Support Group

2. Clear, coherent answers, complete answers in logical order

Using the command words (above) to:

  • create a draft structure for each assignment section/exam answer
  • answer the whole brief/question, and nothing but the brief/question!

3. Concepts and underpinning theory

Using the structure above:

  • spot the topic(s) required (list supplied in the syllabus document)
  • select appropriate marketing theory from textbooks, journals, online learning materials etc.
  • consider which concept, theory, model, framework checklist(s) to use
  • be selective and do NOT brain-dump. Do not write everything you know or can remember about a subject regardless of whether it helps you meet the brief/answer the question or not!

4. Application to context provided

Based on the theory (above) contextualise:

  • apply the theory using relevant examples to the context (setting) of the question, for example, small local company or large multi-national etc.
  • provide appropriate insight for the context/scenario in the brief/question
  • refer to examples from the case study (if appropriate)

5. Evaluation techniques

Based on the theory and context (above) evaluate:

  • provide the “so what”, e.g. say what’s good and what’s not, be sure to explain why
  • identify suggested areas for improvement
  • describe the available options
  • recommend solutions and justify your choice(s)
  • provide examples of good practice to amplify/reinforce

The importance of Evaluation varies by CIM study level, as below – It is interesting to note that although the amount of Application is constant, the amount of Theory reduces and the importance of Evaluation increases as you move up the levels.

CIM study level
CIM Study level Concept/theory Application Evaluation Presentation 
Intro. Certificate 45 30 15 10
Prof. Certificate 40 30 20 10
CAM (Digital Marketing) 40 30 20 10
Prof. Diploma 30 30 30 10
Postgraduate Diploma 15 30 45 10


6. Time management

Make a plan to get the job done up to standard in the available time:

  • complete all assignment tasks/exam questions
  • allocate time according to % in the mark scheme provided
  • do your assignment/topic research – collect references/examples
  • allow for reading, thinking and checking time
  • use your tutor – submit a draft assignment or mock exam and respond fully to their feedback

7. Format and presentation

Present your work professionally:

  • follow the format instructions (report format is the default if not told otherwise)
  • use Harvard Referencing (assignment)
  • use appendices (only when instructed)
  • stick to word count/page limits

8. Use of wider reading

Demonstrate your interest/expertise in marketing by using a mixture of academic; commercial; industry; online & offline sources:

  • academic textbooks & Journals
  • trade press inc. marketing media websites
  • industry specific & Government publications
  • CIM website and Examiner reports
  • mainstream press, TV radio, podcasts, webinars etc.

9. Creativity

Don’t slavishly repeat theory:

  • adapt the theory to suit the situation, be selective
  • always give fair credit to the original author in an assignment (use proper Harvard citing & referencing)
  • suggest creative solutions, use your experience
  • use annotated models, diagrams, flow charts to make your point(s)
  • remember to justify all choices/recommendations made

10. Are you ready to ‘practice’ marketing?

Would you employ you? – Are you ready to be qualified and working in this great profession? Prove it by following the advice above, find your own style, brand ‘me’!
Think & write like a marketer, always consider what’s in it for:

  • the customer?
  • the organisation serving that customer, will this provide them with a competitive advantage?

FREE CIM Assignment & Exam specific podcasts (and fact-sheets) are now available on our website for London members and Student Support Group website.

For more subject-specific advice please read Senior Examiner reports on our Learning Zone.

If you’d like help with a CIM Assignment or Exam, contact or call 01784 463057, fees apply.


Sonya BruccianiWe caught up with London marketer and CIM member Sonya Brucciani, who together with partner Mark Chambers, runs Espan Digital Marketing in Herne Hill, London.  She told us about a recent digital campaign that’s delivered impressive results for her client in the property market. 

About me

I have been working in marketing for over 22 years in the technology, digital, retail, broadcast, publishing and charity sectors in the UK, Europe and globally. I have also been working in digital marketing since 1996. I am an elected Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing.

espan digital marketing

About Espan Digital Marketing

The company was formed in 2011 and provides all types of digital marketing for businesses including SEO, Pay Per Click, content creation, online PR, website conversion testing, social media set-up and management and social media advertising. We work with a variety of businesses and companies in a range of sectors and industries.

Tell us about a campaign you’ve worked on recently

We worked on a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign, using Google Adwords, for a leading UK property portal. They wanted to increase targeted traffic to maximise lead generation via their website.

What were your objectives?

We had to put together a cost effective Google Adwords campaign that would target the UK and provide a variety of traffic for their new and affordable home offerings.

And the challenges?

We were working within a budget and developed an in-depth understanding of our client, their customers and competitors.

So how did you put the right marketing in place?

Google adwordsUsing the PPC audit and research that we undertook, we utilised keyword data as a platform to develop a range of targeted keyword groups for their Pay Per Click campaign. Because of the large volume of their adverts, and the need to keep them very targeted, we also set up campaigns so that they did not appear in irrelevant searches which vastly improved the targeting quality of their leads.

We extended the Ad campaigns further by using retargeted ads on third party sites delivering both text and image ads. This was to increase their brand awareness and visibility online. We ensured that the PPC campaigns were integrated with our SEO campaigns so that visibility was high at the lowest cost per page view.

What was the result?

Our client has experienced huge growth in their visibility through their PPC campaigns. For the main Adwords campaigns, clicks have increased by 354% in the first year, with click through rate increasing by 25% and cost per click reduced by 23% over the same period. Leads have continued to grow in volume since the launch of the campaign, whilst cost per lead is lower than the goals that have been set. They also now have exceptional visibility for both paid and organic listings.

What will you do next?

Google are constantly creating new features in Adwords. As these new features roll out we are adding them to campaigns, such as remarketing for the search network. We provide ongoing PPC management for their campaigns which monitors the campaigns and adverts, refines, improves and builds upon the best performing campaigns and also increases the number of conversions and leads they receive. We are also expanding the campaigns to target extended geographical areas.

Our thanks go to Sonya for telling us about her work.

If you would like to contribute your story to our London newsletter please contact the editor.

Find out more about our digital training courses and webinars.


Dawn Southgate, Head of Knowledge Looking for your next marketing job? Or perhaps you’re just starting out in marketing? The good news is that however competitive it is, there’s a wealth of information available which can give you the edge. Some you’ll find as part of your membership and some is courtesy of national careers resources.

Our Career Hub

Careers information for members can be found on our Career Hub .

This includes:

Interview preparation help

When you’re preparing for a job interview, do you look closely at the company, do you know how they make their money, and have you looked at any recent press?

The company website of larger companies will have a lot of this type of information but why not also look at services you have via the CIM website? You can search both journals and newspapers to find more on all sizes of company and also investigate the sector they are working in. Researchers can also assist in finding any market research that may have been carried out on the market in question. Alternatively if you have identified a company you would like to work for you can set up a regular alert that will tell you when they are mentioned in the press or in other published items.

Don’t forget! Our Information and Library Service can help you understand a company better before you get asked those searching questions. or e-mail or phone 01628 427333

As well as our marketing-specific careers help, there are other useful careers bodies. National careers advice has been pulled together over the past few years – many of the quangos merging to create new bodies. Here are a few key players that you may not have come across.

National Careers services

This is the publicly funded careers service for adults and young people (aged over 13) whose website aims to:

  • Help you with careers decisions and planning.
  • Support you in reviewing your skills and abilities and develop new goals.
  • Motivate you to implement your plan of action.
  • Enable you to make the best use of high quality career related tools.

Have you been made redundant and are unsure of your next move? Are you returning to work from time out? Then they can help.

Perhaps you have just finished college or university and are considering your next move. You might be unhappy in your current job and ready for a change, but not sure what. You might have been out of work for a while and looking for job hunting tips.

Whatever your situation, whatever your barriers, they’re there to help you overcome them and reach your potential.

National Centre for Universities and Business

The National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) was created to enhance university-business collaboration across talent, skills, innovation and brokerage, informed by a leadership council of senior figures drawn from universities and business, with policy experts across a range of key areas which affect business and universities.

Their work focuses on two broad themes:

  • Finding ways to improve the entrepreneurial and employability skills and opportunities of students in all stages of higher education in the UK.
  • Maximising the value of the UK’s strength in innovative research and development.

A few others worth a mention:

Education and Employers Taskforce

Inspiring the Future (operated by the above)

National Apprenticeship Service (NAS)



getintomarketingwebWith summer exams coming up for school pupils and final exams for undergraduates, it’s natural that students want to know more about career options for the future.

Our website is a useful resource. It explains the kinds of jobs available in marketing, together with salary expectations and gives school-leavers to graduates information on potential routes into marketing. Through this website they can discover more about marketing and uncover ways to improve their employability.

So if you know someone who is interested in getting started in this exciting profession, tell them to take a look at

With knowledgeable staff and fast delivery, CIM Direct is a convenient place to go for all your marketing books, software and CIM branded gifts. We have a wide range of marketing and business publications – including the latest textbooks you need for every CIM course.

With discounts on books and study packs exclusively available to CIM members, CIM Direct is an enviable facility. We also offer the resources for you to download industry-leading software tools which allow you to build and test your marketing strategy. And there’s a free online marketing planning tool and discounts of CIM Study Packs as well.

Book of the Month

Login to MyCIM, and then check out these useful resources:

photo 2 We value our members and the contributions they make to the marketing world. So we like to offer you, via the News section of the London website, the opportunity to win a prize or an experience. From fine dining and spa days, to educational vouchers and iPods, we lay our hands on a wide range of prizes and it’s always great to hear your opinions in the quick survey that enters you into the draw.

In February, London member, Jose Aguilera, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for The Wellcome Trust, entered our prize draw and won a £100 gift voucher to spend on food and drink at ME London Hotel’s Radio Rooftop Bar, on The Strand. He picked a glorious sunny evening to enjoy his feast and he had a great time!

photo 3Thanks to Jose for sharing his photos from his well deserved treat. If you’d like the chance to win future prizes, keep an eye on our website.

“After six years at the helm of the Greater London Region (GLR), it’s time to say goodbye and thank you to Mocky Khan, and hello and welcome to our new Chair, Tatiana Schofield.

During his time in the voluntary role as Chair, Mocky has led and supported significant GLR initiatives including the Women in Marketing Conference and Awards, as well at the Mentoring scheme. He’s recognised for always putting members at the heart of what we do, and has also placed significant effort in working on the Membership Advisory Board. On behalf of the region I’d like to extend my thanks to Mocky for his support over the years.

Our new Chair, Tatiana Schofield, is an accomplished marketer and Managing Director at Synergy lab, an innovation management consultancy working with universities and industry to support research commercialisation, develop enterprise infrastructures within universities and promote open innovation and creativity. Her specialism is open innovation, and she’s full of new ideas that will support members in London.”

Phil Preston
Network Manager, CIM.

Tatiana Schofield

“I feel honoured to be elected as Chair of the Greater London Region Board and to work with such a great team of marketing professionals, led by Regional Director, Philip Preston. This is an exciting time for CIM and as a volunteer; I look forward to building on the great work done by the team and taking members’ support to the next level.”


March 3, 2014

Win a Green and Black’s chocolate hamper

Tweet Thanks to Green & Black’s Direct this month, one lucky member will win a Green & Black’s Chocolate Lovers Hamper. Packed full of chocolate treats, including their Chocolate Conversations varieties and their trademark Miniature Bar Collection, it’s perfect timing in the run up to Easter! To be in with a chance of winning, answer [...]

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March 3, 2014

A guide to getting ahead in digital marketing, plus training dates

Tweet You can make 2014 the year to get your brand and team ahead in digital marketing, by downloading our handy guide, and by booking one (or more) of our digital marketing courses. We run over 150 classroom-based digital marketing courses across the UK, covering everything from the latest practical techniques on core digital channels. [...]

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