Could you be mentorIf you look at today’s successful business people, what many of them have in common, along with expertise and passion, is the support of a mentor. Could you support a less experienced member by becoming their mentor?

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Rey Carr put together some top names and tips, published on the Mentor Hall of Fame:

Sir Richard is still dressing up to win positive coverage, this time as an air hostess, May 2013, AIRASIA/Handout

Sir Richard is still dressing up to win positive coverage, this time as an air hostess, May 2013, AIRASIA/Handout

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways was told by Freddie Laker, who shook up the airline industry with ‘no frills’ Laker Airways:

‘If you are going to take on Pan Am, T.W.A. and British Airways, you’ve got to use yourself and get out there and realize that if you dress up in a captain’s outfit when you launch the airline, you’ll get on the front page. If you turn up in ordinary business clothes, you’ll be lucky to get a mention. Remember, the photographers have a job to do; they’ll turn up to one of your events and give you one chance. If you don’t give them a photograph that will get them on the front page, they won’t turn up to your next event.'”

Anne Mulcahy who rose to become CEO of Xerox was told by her mentor, “When everything gets really complicated and you feel overwhelmed, you’ve got to do three things: first get the cow out of the ditch; second, find out how the cow got into the ditch; and third, make sure you do whatever it takes so the cow doesn’t go in the ditch again.”

“Be nice, do your best – and most important, keep it in perspective,” was the advice to Meg Whitman former CEO and President of eBay from her father who was also her mentor. Meg is credited with turning eBay from a niche auction house into the mega online shopping site it has become.

Making introductions – more mentors needed

On 9 May we ran a ‘Meet a Mentor’ evening in the City. Around 25 members came along to meet some of the 6 mentors in a speedmatching session. Not only that, our Chief Executive, Anne Godfrey surprised us by spontaneously agreeing to mentor two London members who so admire her leadership approach they requested her support as their mentor. Potential mentors came along too to find out more about this voluntary role. It was wonderful to be able to introduce mentees to mentors, knowing what a difference this can make to the mentee’s career and how satisfying the role is for the mentor. Yet good as it was, the event was oversubscribed because we simply need more mentors in Greater London.

So do you have what it takes to be a mentor?

We have a waiting list of members who would be delighted to learn from your experience and have your support. It needn’t be onerous. But it will be rewarding! You and your mentee agree how often you are in touch, whether you meet up, chat on the phone or swap emails.

Members who have held Chartered Marketer status for at least two years and have at least eight years of working in a senior marketing position can apply.

Anne Godfrey, Chief Executive

“Mentoring can form a vital part of a marketer’s personal and professional development so we are delighted to see such a positive response to the launch of our national mentoring programme.

We often hear our members ask how they can give back to the profession so this gives an opportunity for senior practitioners to do just that.

Personally, I’m now looking forward to working with my mentees, even if I had no idea I was going to be a mentor a couple of weeks ago!.”

Anne Godfrey, Chief Executive

If you are interested in participating in the scheme, please complete the mentor application form and send it to If you’d like to find out a bit more, please call the team on 01628 427273.

Meet a MentorMeet a Mentor
Thursday 9 May 2013, from 18:00
City of London, Marketing Suite, 80 Basinghall Street, EC2V 5AR
This is a free event for CIM Members and Studying Members only

If you’re interested in learning from others with proven knowledge and skills by getting yourself a mentor, then come along to ‘Meet a Mentor’ and find your match. And if you are a Chartered Marketer with a wealth of marketing experience already, and you’re interested in sharing your knowledge, then come along too, and find out about becoming a mentor.

Book today

Mentoring is part of our Chartered CPD Programme. Both mentors and mentees can accrue up to 21 hours of their annual 35-hour CPD requirement under Category 6.

The venue itself is worth a look. It’s the City of London Marketing Suite at 80 Basinghall Street, where London is showcased to the world. Here mentors and mentees can meet in a structured, friendly, environment.

How it works

  • Book your place at this free event by calling our events team on 01628 427340. Tell us if you want to be a mentee or mentor when you book. We’ll then ask you for brief information on your background to help in the matching process.
  • On the evening you’ll be welcomed with light refreshments and informal networking to kick off the evening.
  • Then after a brief introduction, a ‘speed dating’ type session will be run. Those seeking mentors can meet several, including any pre-matched potential mentors based on mapping background information of mentees and mentors.
  • Mentees then select the individual that best matches their requirements. After the event we will process your application and match you to your mentor.
  • Those interested in being a mentor can talk to those who already are and join the scheme there and then if they wish.

Already a mentor?
We have a strong line-up of mentors coming forward for this event but we would like more to make this a really vibrant evening. So if you are a mentor and can set aside the time, then come along to lend your support. Even if you already have a full quota of mentees, potential mentors would enjoy meeting you and learning about the role to help them decide if this is for them. Just email Ann on and she’ll be delighted to help.

Who can be a Mentor?
As you’d expect Mentors must be suitably senior. Mentors must be CIM members and have been Chartered Marketers for at least two years, with at least eight years of working in a senior marketing position.

Who can be a Mentee?
Mentees must be CIM members or studying members and register for the Chartered CPD Programme. This can be done easily at any time. It is free and exclusive to members.

Find out more about Mentoring.

So come to Meet a Mentor on 9 May from 18:00 and benefit from having a mentor or from being one.

This is a CPD category 10 event, accredited for 1.5 hours CPD.

We are pleased to tell you that Greater London has been selected as a pilot region for the national CIM Mentoring Network. Mentoring offers incredible satisfaction. Many of our members sign up for our mentoring scheme because they want to give something back. In a very real sense, sharing skills and knowledge with a less-experienced professional makes those skills even more valuable.

How to become a mentor

Members who have current Chartered Marketer status held for at least two years and at least eight years of working in a marketing position, are being invited to apply to become a Mentor. If you meet the requirements and are interested in participating in the scheme, please complete the mentor application form and send it to If you’d like to find out a bit more, please call the CPD team on 01628 427273 or by email.

How to apply to have a mentor

The Mentoring Network is structured so that you can learn from members with proven knowledge and experience, to enable you to develop based on specific needs and requirements. You will be mapped to a mentor who has achieved Chartered Marketer status, ensuring that the best of the marketing community is helping your career progression.

As long as you remain a current member and are on the Chartered CPD Programme, you are eligible to be mentored. If you’re interested in participating in the scheme, complete the mentee application form and send it to

If at any time you’d like to contact us, or if you’re not yet registered on the Chartered CPD Programme, please call us on 01628 427273 or e-mail

We look forward to welcoming you onto the CIM Mentoring Network.

Take a look at our profiles and case studies which will give you a picture of what you can achieve.


Right now, many of our London studying members will be waiting for their assignment and exam results, due at the end of August. So now may be the ideal time to take a short break and think about your study plans for the Autumn.

Download 8 free study podcasts

To make an interesting change from attending college or reading textbooks, listen to our free CIM student podcasts which are provided with supporting fact sheets. These are available to download from the GLR and SSG websites.

Podcast topics covered include:


  1. Life as a Chartered Marketer with Mark Batchelor
  2. How to get on in Marketing – Simon Basset, Head of EMR
  3. How to stay motivated in your CIM studies – Polly Grant
  4. CAM digital marketing qualifications
  5. How to pass the CIM Professional Certificate
  6. CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing
  7. Study tips
  8. Your CIM.

Library and resources

Or, if reading is more up your street, now’s a great time to broaden your marketing knowledge by focusing on your background reading and research, available from the Institute’s website.

5 key resources

  1. Information and Library Service – a dedicated marketing collection making it an essential specialist source of information for books and online
  2. Online journals, books and reports – members can log in to enjoy fast online access
  3. Cutting Edge – the weekly digest of marketing news from across the sectors
  4. Research papers – for the latest paper, Ambush marketing and the law, plus Shape the Agendas, policy papers and white papers which set out the latest thinking
  5. Case studies – real life studies which show how marketing theory works in practice.
If you’d like some help with your personal study plan, or like to chat about any other aspect of CIM study, Student Support Group can help with free advice on their:

  • Exam/assignment feedback service (ideal if you have failed and don’t know why?)
  • CIM subject knowledge tests (free service)
  • Syllabus refresher sessions (discuss hard to understand aspects)
  • Assignment and case study briefings (expert advice on what to do and how to do it)
  • Checking assignment drafts and exam four pagers (check you are up to CIM standard)
  • Mock exam papers & feedback service, all designed to help you pass next time!

SSG can develop an individual study package to suit your study needs and budget. To find out more call Caroline on 01784 463057 or email (see SSG website for details & fees).

dsc_0673-smallerZoe Gell

The social media scene in Brisbane is rife with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter groups to join and get involved with and jobs are also advertised this way. In fact I read when I first arrived into Brisbane that it is the Facebook capital of Australia, and more recently a survey by Scientific American Mind revealed that Australians rank 17th in a worldwide study of top social networking users. 

Digital Marketing in Australia

Australia is really embracing the digital age especially where marketing is concerned, with many companies now expecting to see digital resumes with examples of work in the marketing arena as well as candidates with their own websites and wacky ideas about how to get themselves noticed. Read more…

Katharine Wilson looks at mentoring.

Talking about your ‘career’ always makes it sound terribly grown-up; like you’ve thought everything through and have a long term plan about what you want to do and where you want to go.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a career plan. I couldn’t say that it was my explicit intention to work in marketing when I left university with a degree in American Studies. Like many people, it was more luck than judgement that I fell into marketing as a result of a natural evolution of roles; starting with my first job working for a publishing and events company. Read more…

September 25, 2009

Distinctly British marketer down under


in Mentoring

dsc_0673-smallerFrom Zoe Gell

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Philip O’Brien who recently passed away. He worked tirelessly for the GLR on their mentoring programme and gave me the idea of writing this blog.

I’m in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. How on earth did that happen?


I was very happy living and and working in London. Then I met my blonde-haired blue-eyed, sweep-me-off-my feet guy! He just happened to be Australian and he took me to Norway and proposed with a nice sparkly ring. We’ve been married for nearly three years! Read more…

September 18, 2009

Becoming a mentor – the first steps.


in Mentoring

Andrew Whalley

A good mentor can make a great difference in someone’s life. A good mentor helps, guides, shares knowledge, and enjoys doing it. Mentoring, when done right, benefits both the mentor and the mentee. If you have the chance to mentor someone, congratulations, and read on to see how you can mentor effectively. So states one website I looked at when I was deciding to become a CIM mentor, nothing like a little pressure then! Little did I know I’d then be asked to write about it too! Read more…

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