Achieving Chartered Marketer status is the mark of an up to date, experienced and qualified marketing professional. As more and more members register for Continuous Professional Development every year on the course to achieve this status, we take a look and congratulate the Greater London members who have become chartered this year.

Philippa Seal
David Millar
Abigail Hobden
Carole Luck
Kelly Atkins
Patrick Ladbury
Susan Lowndes
Amanda Dyjecinski
Rachel Scott-Baker
Anna Richardson
Frances Bayley
Agnes Koo
Kirsty Jones
Rachael Kinsella
James Amos
Emma Corless
Florentina Baranga
Catherine Crinnegan
Paul Jackson
Wipula Weerasinghe
Khyati Savani
Ian Musyani
Chiekling Su
Colleen Williams
Amanda Kilgore Baker
Kim Mellor
Simon Timmis
Emma Alam
Charlotte Barry
Toni Moawad
Paola Masperi
Benjamin Jarrold
Jacqueline Hall
Rebecca Reid
Charles Head
Alexa Wilson
Vicky Mills
Koffi Allaglo
Nick Porter
Michele Kelly
Daniel Fulbrook
Sue Brough
Rob Heerdegen
Talal Al-Maghrabi
Leona Shepherd

List correct as of 6 September 2012.


We hope you will have noticed that the Institute’s new look website has been revealed to the world. The new design includes:

  • Simplified navigation
  • Improved search function
  • Increased video content
  • A modern look
  • All in all, a more user-friendly site

We are confident you will enjoy using the site as both visually and practically we have made significant improvement. Take a look today.


Get the reward and recognition your marketing deserves

Currently in its fourth year, these annual awards, held in London, provides the opportunity to get recognition for outstanding marketing from individuals, teams and projects countrywide, and to acknowledge the positive value their marketing delivers in real benefits to both business and society.

The awards this year feature a range of new categories, which have been introduced to reflect the increasing use of digital and emerging technologies being used by marketers to engage and communicate with customers. These include digital marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing and customer experience, and are in addition to 15 industry and three individual categories:

  • Automotive/Transport
  • Construction/Engineering/Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Financial services – Banking and Investment
  • Financial services – Insurance and other services
  • FMCG/Retail
  • Hotels/Leisure and Travel
  • Media/Publishing
  • Not for profit
  • Pharmaceutical/Health service providers/Medical suppliers
  • Professional services
  • Public sector – Local Authority and Emergency services
  • Public sector – Other services
  • SME
  • Technology/Telecommunications
  • Marketer of the year
  • Marketing team of the year
  • Recently qualified marketer of the year
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Customer experience

Last year, the London region excelled, scooping 4 winning spots and 2 highly commended placements.

Further information on entering the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards 2012 can be found at The entry deadline is 5 October 2012, with finalists being announced from 3 December 2012.


Get yourself connected

The Institute’s Market Interest Groups (MIGs) bring together marketers with specific industry knowledge. Our Market Interest Groups (MIGs) regularly attract the industry leading lights to address specific issues facing marketers in their sectors. Not only can you learn from industry leaders, you also have the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded marketing professionals who share similar issues and opportunities.

Members can join up to three interest groups free of charge, and alongside websites and newsletters, MIGs plan and develop a range of events, many held right here in London. From financial services to travel, these groups offer a wide range of vibrant professional avenues.

Current groups include:

  • Creative Communications
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Food, Drink and Agriculture
  • Higher Education
  • Hotel Marketing
  • Levitt Group (for senior marketers)
  • Medical Marketing
  • Small Business Community
  • Social Marketing
  • Technology
  • Travel

Members enjoy discounted rates at many events and exclusive access to industry insight and reports.

Focus on – Creative Communications MIG

This month, find out more about the Creative Communications MIG (CIMCOM). Led by Ade Onilude, CIMCOM is a forum for creative professionals in marketing communications. Its central mission is networking, training and membership building in line with The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s values and culture.

Find out more about the CIMCOM newsletter, CIMCOM Committee Members, new papers and leaflets here.

Attend the next CIMCOM event

The next CIMCOM event, The old ones are the best, is set to be a fantastic evening, and will be held on 4 October, at Acxiom London HQ, just behind the OXO Tower. Held from 18.30, this all new CIMCOM event will treat you to two thought-provoking sessions that will challenge you to re-think your new product development (NPD) and marketing strategies. Prices start from £18.

Now in its fourth year, these national Awards celebrate the best marketing achievements across various industry sectors and acknowledge the contributions made by individuals as well as by teams. Winning a CIM Marketing Excellence Award means that you have created results that deliver real business benefits.

This year we’ve added four new categories – Digital marketing, Social media marketing, Mobile marketing and Customer experience.

You can’t ignore the best opportunity to:

  • Show off just how successful you have been
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Motivate your team
  • Impress partners, clients and investors
  • Join distinguished brands such as PepsiCo, McCann and Johnson & Johnson as proud winners of Marketing Excellence Awards.

You’ve done the hard work already. It’s time to start your journey towards the spotlight – to tell the world.

Key dates

Entry submission deadline: 5 October 2012
Finalists announced from: 3 December 2012
Winners announced: 6 March 2013

Find out more, download the entry form and enter.


It’s always great to hear what London member’s have to say. And with the Continuing Professional Development programme (CPD) coming to an end for this year, here’s what you’ve told us about how you accumulate your CPD hours. Take a look and you might get some ideas from other London marketers that you can put into practice when the next cycle begins on 1 July 2012.

Are you a Chartered Marketer?

Yes 46%
No 54%

Which of these social media tools do you use?

Facebook 87%
LinkedIn 83%
Twitter 62%
Forums 29%
Company blog 25%
Pinterest 21%
Personal blog 8%

Are you enrolled on the Institute’s CPD programme?

Yes 51%
No 49%

What were your reasons for enrolling?

Chartered Marketer recognition 41%
Personal development 33%
Career progression 29%

How do you accumulate your CPD hours?

Conferences and exhibitions 58%
Training courses/workshops 45%
In-company development 41%
Private study 37%
Qualification studies 20%
Mentoring 16%
Community work 8%


The Institute’s Wave Two of #SMBenchmark shows which social media marketing platforms marketers are choosingThe Social Media Benchmark is a six-monthly piece of research from the Institute exploring if marketers are getting value from social media and how they’re making it part of their marketing strategy. The first Wave of results was published in February 2012, and last week I watched the Wavecast webinar to see the results of Wave Two of the study. I was impressed to hear the findings from the paper, and it was good to see Tesco’s Group Marketing and Chief Digital Officer, Microsoft’s UK CMO and the global CMO of Clifford Chance on stage answering our questions.

With the vast variety of social media platforms to engage with, marketers are spoilt for choice. It still seems that the Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are the most popular for investment by marketers. 60% are planning on further investing in Twitter in the next 6 months, with only 22% considering investing in Google+.

It was also great to see that blogging is still highly valued. I’m a firm believer that blogging has the great potential to connect with customers and influencers. Although Twitter and Facebook are good for sharing nuggets of information, good content on blogs shows customers that your brand knows its product and what matters to its customers.

Read more…


We know that London is a talented place. So it’s fantastic to see so many London entrants reaching the Finalist stage of the Institute’s national Marketing Excellence Awards.

We’d like to wish all the London Finalists good luck at the glittering Awards Ceremony, which takes place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, London on 23 February.

Good luck London! This is the London Finalists’ Roll of Honour:

Industry categories

Automotive / Transport

  • First Great Western
  • Heathrow Commuter/ Heathrow Airport Ltd
  • LIDA
  • Wand Agency

Construction / Engineering / Manufacturing

  • TMP Magnet
  • Tangent Snowball

Financial services – Banking and Investment

  • RBS
  • Greenlight
  • Saint@RKCR/Y&R

Financial services – Insurance and other services

  • McCann London
  • CII
  • Bacs Payment Schemes Ltd (Bacs)

FMCG / Retail

  • G2 Joshu
  • RKCR/Y&R
  • FreshNetworks
  • McCann London
  • Addiction Worldwide

Hotels / Leisure and Travel

  • Dare
  •  Gabrielle Shaw Communications

Marketing team of the year

  • EC Harris LLP
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Aon Hewitt
  • City & Guilds

Media / Publishing

  • McCann London
  • Seven

Not for profit

  • McCann Worldgroup
  • CII
  • Blood Pressure Association
  • McCann Erickson
  • Pancentric Digital
  • Other Creative Limited

Pharmaceutical / Health service providers / Medical suppliers

  • SapientNitro

Professional services

  • Navigant
  • EC Harris LLP
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Other Creative Limited
  • British Land
  • SitexOrbis Limited
  • Aon Hewitt
  • Allen & Overy
  • Lexis Public Relations

Public sector – Education

  • Waggener Edstrom
  • King’s College London


  • Lady Geek
  • CII
  • Rice Retail Marketing Ltd
  • The Cinnamon Club
  • Other Creative Limited

Technology / Telecommunications

  • Mind Candy Ltd
  • McCann London
  • Rackspace Ltd
  • UM London
  • Other Creative Limited

It’s going to be a fantastic night of celebration at the industry’s showcase of the year.


Marketing and Sales fusion? paper launched in LondonThe Chartered Institute of Marketing is predicting the demise of separate marketing and sales departments within the next ten years in it latest paper, ‘Marketing and Sales fusion?’ The paper takes the Institute’s centenary year as a motivation to reflect on the history of marketing and sales, and to consider the future direction of both disciplines.  It argues that businesses who have integrated their sales and marketing functions have experienced significant benefits, while those companies retaining separate departments are hindering their own growth.

Launched in London, the paper proposes that marketing has reached an evolutionary cul-de-sac, and must return to its roots in sales to continue to develop in the next decade. 

Members can download the paper, at no additional charge, and find out why we believe it could be time for marketing and sales to fuse together and work as one. Non members can purchase the paper for just £15 from CIM Direct


As Britain slides down the rankings from position 10 to 13 in the Future Brand’s Country Brand Index, a global study of country brands, it shows how factors such as economic problems and unrest have a negative affect on a country’s brand.

It’s not surprising. One minute Britain is basking in the pageantry of the Royal Wedding, relishing our history and sense of occasion. The next, the streets are full of rioters and unrest.

Having a strong country brand is pivotal as it influences the perception of tourists, investors and buyers of British products. Can we recover? The signs are positive having just won the bid for the 2017 World Athletics Championship, and Brand Britain marketers are hoping that the London 2012 Olympics will give us an opportunity to showcase a fresh image.

Let’s take inspiration from the countries who’ve improved their brand. Japan’s increased its ranking despite the earthquake, and Thailand is showing a strong performance in tourism despite political upheaval in the country. Brazil has seen a boost following successful bids to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, and Canada which took full advantage of promoting its natural beauty throughout the 2010 Winter Olympics tops the Index.

I’m hopeful that next year Britain will have a fantastic year. With campaigns such as Visit Britain’s tourism campaign to inspire the tourism industry to promote our country in the run up to the Olympics, we’re heading in the right direction.

I’ll be playing my part by working with British companies to help them market themselves effectively. Read more…


30 November 2011
LCCI, Queen Street, EC4
£15 for CIM members
£25 for guests and students
What’s it all about?
A century ago a group of sales managers met in London and formed the Sales Managers’ Association, which eventually became The Chartered Institute of Marketing. This paper suggests that the time has come for the two disciplines of sales and marketing to be reunited, after years of fragmentation. It asks if sales and marketing intrinsically belong together. Organisations that do create closer links between them seem to post better results, have more effective inter-departmental relationships and create positive culture change. Yet the challenges to successfully merge these powerful business forces are significant.

What’s in it for me?
Sales person or marketer – join the debate!
Get insight into how sales and marketing departments can intellectually fuse together, gain one hour CPD and receive a complimentary hard and PDF copy of the paper.

Sign in, find out more and book.



Elections are still a top focus
November will see the elections for the Board of Trustees (BoT) and we’re encouraging you to get involved and vote for the candidate who you think fits the bill. The deadline for voting is 16 December 2011.

What’s the role of the Board of Trustees?
The BoT is the body that oversees the operations and future direction of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. That means they have input into every aspect of your membership; from research and facilities, to events and qualifications. So it’s important that you know what their plans are.

Mocky Khan, Chair of the Greater London Region is running for the election this year.


The Women in Marketing Awards and Events supports the charity Women for Women International.

This film was first shown at The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Women in Marketing Awards ceremony on 3 November 2011.

In this film, supporters including Annie Lennox, Todd Fisher and Joan Burstein speak about Women for Women International’s work and explain why they support the organisation.

Find out how to sponsor a Woman and more about the work of Women for Women International.


CIM GLR Brand reputation and crisis management event – 11 OctoberIf you work in communications, then take a look at the next CIMCOM event, Brand reputation and crisis management, which focuses on both managing your brand reputation in the digital age and crisis management.

Taking place on 11 October at the BPP Business School, Matt Mckay, Head of Public Relations and Events at Biomed Central will speak on how to implement brand reputation as part of your PR strategy.

Crisis management
How would you react if a film crew arrived on your doorstep at 6am, asking you to comment on a crisis in your company? What you do in those few seconds can affect the reputation of your company, and your position within it. These days, every business continuity plan needs to include crisis management. Alan Stevens, Media Specialist will explain how to deal with bad news, covering both internal and external communications.

Registration is at 18:30 and the event starts at 19:00 and is worth one CPD category 10 hour.

You can find out more and book here.


August 29, 2011

A word from Phil Preston

Tweet Redemption Of course there’s only one thing to write about this month … my summer holiday. I have just returned from two weeks bobbing about in the Mediterranean on a big boat. The big boat in question was the Celebrity Eclipse, a 122,000 gross tons floating luxury hotel cum resort catering for nearly 3,000 [...]

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August 29, 2011

Media Trust and JWT London to partner with Aspire in ‘Campaigns for Good’

Tweet Aspire will be the first charity to benefit from ‘Campaigns for Good’, a new initiative run by Media Trust and JWT London to give UK charities the chance to receive help and advice for a communications campaign to run in 2011. Aspire works to provide practical solutions and opportunities for people with spinal cord [...]

Read more…
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