Facebook. LinkedIn. Flickr, Twitter, blogs. The list goes on. Sometimes, it seems like social networks are taking over the world. And, let’s face it, people enjoy using them. Facebook has 200 million users – more members than some countries have people. Social networks give people a chance to communicate, share ideas, state preference and also do a lot of silly things like find out what great dictator they most resemble. Read more…

January 29, 2009

Help your agency work harder

by Marc

in Managing suppliers

Marc Duke

No sweat? No, this is nothing to do with a New Year’s resolutions about getting fit. Instead, it’s a serious question about assets, that is marketing assets. The killer question is: are you sweating your assets enough? I am no accountant, but what I do know is we are in a recession and every penny has to count (it needs to in boom time too, but the focus is never as great when everyone is feeling positive). As an independent consultant involved in technology marketing communications, I get involved in loads of interesting situations. I have to deliver value or I have lost the client and the revenue. Read more…

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