While most of the focus these days is on social media, small businesses should not overlook the role email marketing can play as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy. The Effective email marketing for SMEs event, held on Friday 24 February from 12:30 will cover the do’s and don’ts of email marketing and some of the more advanced features of the medium.

You’ll hear from Rechenda Smith, Head of Email Marketing, little green plane. Rechenda heads up the email marketing function at little green plane, the email marketing division of Itineris, a multi-award winning digital marketing agency based in Suffolk and central London.

Prices start from just £10 and the event is worth 1 hour of CPD. Find out more and book today.


We caught up with Marc Duke at his marketing consultancy office in London. Marc has been a sole trader for 10 years and specialises in marketing for the technology and B2B sector. He’s a Chartered Marketer with a keen interest in providing sound marketing advice for start up business including the influence of social media for emerging companies.

Marc, tell us about yourself and your company

I graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in Chemistry and Management, but was unsure of the direction I wanted to take. My first role was in a PR division of a small technology marketing agency I then moved to a larger tech practice and then in house. In 2002 the tech bubble bursting which meant my career took a new direction into influencer relations, and I began giving marketing advice to large and small companies in the technology sector. And from there I haven’t looked back. Since 2009 I have been supporting emerging technology companies in marketing, which includes venture capital companies and entrepreneurs. I provide strategies that will move their business forward, and fast. This involves lead generation, social media, events and sourcing people to work for their organisation.

As a Chartered Marketer, how has your membership of the CIM influenced and rewarded your career?

I’ve been a member of the Institute for over six years, and have been actively involved, studying for marketing qualifications and taking part in regional events. I believe that membership provides a solid marketing background, and gives my status a credible backbone that’s vital for my business. It’s essential for me as it focuses my mind, and keeps me up to speed on the latest developments and trends within the industry.

As you work as a sole trader, what are your main motivations, and the rewards you benefit from?

Money! Of course that’s a huge motivator for many of us. But my main motivation is seeing big results generated quickly. That gives me a huge buzz. It’s so satisfying to see a marketing plan produce measurable and real results for my clients. There’s nothing better than putting a plan into place and seeing it succeed.

How do you keep a work life balance?

Because I work for myself, I have the luxury to work flexible hours. I have an office in Borehamwood, so I still don’t commute but walk to the office, which gives me a sense of work and social time. Technology is such now that it allows greater flexibility and the reality is that now it’s feasible for me to work from just about anywhere. It allows me to deliver projects efficiently and this is key to my work life balance.

What key trends can you see emerging in the marketing world?

We keep hearing it time and time again, but social media is a hugely influencing trend. It’s providing marketers with information and conversations that are happening in real time through channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The other key trend I can see is value. I’m finding that organisations are still willing to part with their money for marketing when they can see a measurable return on investment. And the internet allows us to see measurable results through analytics and metrics, so data is readily available to show clients.

Are you currently studying or do you have study plan in the future?

Currently, I’m keeping up with my CPD hours to maintain my Chartered Marketer status. And I’ve recently written a discussion paper, So where are you going part one and part two, for the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations.

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When times are tough and budgets are cut, small business can struggle. Or thrive. It’s down to you which, and we’ve put together a list of helpful tips and resources that might help you on your way.

Small Business MIG

If you run or work in a small business or SME, why not join the Institute’s Small Business Market Interest Group to keep up to date. They have a whole host of resources available including top tips, business profiles and a free newsletter. They also run events throughout the year. The next one is Marketing excellence for small businesses on 22 July in Holborn. To join, contact Dena Peace.

February 28, 2009

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