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Give back and get more

After successfully running a pilot scheme in the Greater London Region, we’re pleased that the invaluable CIM Mentoring Network is now available to CIM members nationwide. Mentoring offers incredible satisfaction. Many of our members sign up for our mentoring scheme because they want to give something back. In a very real sense, sharing skills and knowledge with a less-experienced professional makes those skills even more valuable. There are benefits to being a mentor and genuine benefits to being mentored.

How to become a mentor

Members who have current Chartered Marketer status held for at least two years and at least eight years of working in a marketing position, are being invited to apply to become a Mentor. If you meet the requirements and are interested in participating in the scheme, please complete the mentor application form and send it to If you’d like to find out a bit more, please call the CPD team on 01628 427273 or by email.

How to apply to have a mentor

The Mentoring Network is structured so that you can learn from members with proven knowledge and experience, to enable you to develop based on specific needs and requirements. You will be mapped to a mentor who has achieved Chartered Marketer status, ensuring that the best of the marketing community is helping your career progression.

As long as you remain a current member and are on the Chartered CPD Programme, you are eligible to be mentored. If you’re interested in participating in the scheme, complete the mentee application form and send it to

If at any time you’d like to contact us, or if you’re not yet registered on the Chartered CPD Programme, please call us on 01628 427273 or e-mail

We look forward to welcoming you onto the CIM Mentoring Network.

Take a look at our profiles and case studies which will give you a picture of what you can achieve.

The benefits of having a mentor

Impartial guidance is a big plus, but being mentored also gives you:

  • Help with personal and professional development
  • Needs based, confidential and objective support
  • New contacts, new perspectives
  • Access to additional knowledge

“I only wish I had this scheme earlier in my working life. May Ho

“It’s a bit like having your own business psychiatrist or counsellor. Problems which I thought were intractable at the coal face suddenly seem so easy to solve.” Denise Yates

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The benefits of being a mentor

A mentor acts as an objective friend, Mentoring other marketers earns CPD points, but it also offers:

  • Personal satisfaction
  • Another outlet for your talent
  • An alternative and refreshing perspective
  • An opportunity to extend knowledge, skills and networks

“I signed up as a mentor for the scheme because I felt I ought to pass on something of my training and experience. It has also been immensely satisfying to be able to help another marketer.” Doug Sinton, CIM Mentor

“The benefits for mentors are in the development of skills in mentoring and coaching, and the self-satisfaction of transferring skills and experience. If you are a senior manager then you have developed staff. You have the skills to be a mentor. Try it!” Kap Varma

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Profile of mentors and mentees

Mentors on the register offer the advantage of a broader perspective that comes with greater seniority. Mentors also have around 3 times more years’ experience than the mentees they aim to support.

Level of seniority Years in marketing
Average Range
Mentors Almost every mentor is Level 1 (Senior) 18 6
Mentees Most mentees are at Level 2 (Manage) or Level 3 (Practitioner) or between 2/3 7 to 40 1 to 9

Note: Seniority has been gauged using the Marketing Standards Matrix, a convenient way of broadly positioning marketers in their career development.

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Case studies

Find out what its really like to take part in the free member-to-member mentoring scheme from two mentoring duos.

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