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Women in Marketing – Gallery and Brand You with Julie Bridge

women in marketingOne of the highlights of the GLR’s calendar is the Women in Marketing Event. This year was no exception. Planned and managed by Ade Onilude, the theme was Branding and the location was the new Swarovski Crystallized Store in Central London. The roster of speakers included Helene Keech from Swarovski, Rita Clifton, Chairman of Interbrand and PrettyLittleHead, the brainchild of Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts as well as Jackie Cooper, Creative Director of Edelman PR. Mary-Jane Maybury of Grove Studio London captured the atmosphere on film. Visit our gallery to re-live the evening, courtesy of Mary-Jane De Paola.

julie bridgeJulie Bridge, committee member on Merrill Lynch’s Women’s Leadership Council in EMEA has enjoyed a successful career in the competitive arena of international finance. Her theme at the conference was ‘Brand you’. Here, she talks to GLRNews about giving yourself a new brand advantage.

What made you so interested in personal branding?

“It didn’t take long for me to understand how people see you is important. Career progress can, and often does, depend on it. Quietly working hard at your desk for fifteen hours a day may make your boss look good, but it’s not guaranteed to impress him or her. What are you saying about yourself? What are your ambitions? Your motivations? Your values and priorities? Hard work alone doesn’t tell the people around you what you want to achieve.”

Everyone keeps talking about the economy. Is now really a good time to work on personal branding?

“Absolutely. I think it’s even more critical. You need to have a clear idea of what’s next. If you’re unlucky and have been made redundant, you don’t have the same identity. But you do still have the same values and ethics – and they come first. You may need to realign your brand and take some steps in a new direction. This isn’t something that happens overnight, changing how people see you will take time. When you apply for the next job, it’s essential that you have some specific quality that puts you over the parapet. If you can turn that into your own value proposition, then your brand has the power to make you stand out in the eyes of potential employers. After all, brands are an integral part of our lives. The most successful ones are trusted. Employers definitely see and respond to that.”mentoring

Where should people start?

“Asking yourself questions is a good beginning. The most important one is: What do you want to do with your profession? Then: What am I really good at? This should bring you to: What’s missing? If you aim to become a motivational speaker, but you think your presentation skills are wanting, that’s something you have to address. There are lots of books, courses and people who can help you reach key conclusions. As a mentor in my own workplace, I find a lot of people have issues with the human side of their interactions or with group dynamics. These are the hardest areas to work on, but also the most important. Its communication skills that matter most when a job that you want is suddenly available. You need the confidence to show your interest. Even if you don’t get the job, your employer will be glad to see that you’re keen. Sometimes, finding a mentor outside your particular field will help you the most. They can help you start to see things differently and encourage you to understand what stops you from reaching your goals. You’ll be surprised how much help is around once you start looking for it. Many workplaces have mentoring schemes and encourage people to take courses and develop their communication skills.”

The GLR has its own mentoring scheme. Right now, we need people ready to become mentors and share their expertise. Mentors don’t need formal qualifications, but most have ten years’ experience or more in marketing/business. You can claim up to 21 CPD hours for a year of mentoring so it’s a great way to become a Chartered Marketer. There’s no exacting schedules and you can meet in person or provide support over the phone. An hour a month or whenever you’re needed, it’s up to you.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with Philip O’Brien, philipobrien@usa.net

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Plan for your new job

plan for your new jobSuccess doesn’t just happen. People who are good at interviews and land the job of their dreams, don’t just go into interviews blind. They do their research and plan to use the interviews to their advantage. Whether you’re a novice to the hiring process or an old hand, laying out your tactics ahead of time will help you feel calm and well prepared on the day.

Background check

It’s a safe bet that you’ll be asked about the company you’re applying to in some depth. Common interview questions include:

  • What issues are affecting the industry now and in the future?
  • What are the challenges facing the company?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • How is our business different?

google alertsTo prepare, visit your potential employer’s website or even set up a Google alert to keep track of what’s being said about the business. The Chartered Institute of Marketing also keeps a library of information on employers that can help.

Product you

Naturally, employers also want to know about you. Their focus is on how you’ll contribute to the success of the business. Every recruitment decision counts, and they’ll want to be certain that you’re going to thrive in their culture. You can expect to be asked:

  • Why did you apply for this role?
  • What strengths do you bring?
  • What will you contribute to the team?
  • If you join what will your progress look like in two years?

If you’ve already filled in a detailed questionnaire, be sure to review your answers before the interview. If you can build on what you’ve already said, that will help. If you’re not asked specific enough questions, volunteer the information.

Emphasise your strengths

You can also expect interviewers to ask about your achievements and education. Try not to use one example for every question, and, if you’re relatively new to the profession, don’t make the mistake of talking too much about your studies. Employers aren’t interested in you as a student. They want to see how you organise and manage outside of the classroom. Expect questions like:

  • Can you think of a time when you acted as a leader? What was the outcome?
  • Describe a situation when you had to convince others of an idea. How did you do it?
  • Do you like working in a team? Give an example of successful teamwork?

career and professional development centre Give very concrete answers. It’s definitely a good idea to rehearse beforehand and come up with a strategy that highlights your experience and knowledge. Don’t forget that your plan should include a couple of your own questions. Asking about what kind of teams you’ll be working with or finding out more about training and development could be important.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing can give you the help you need. The Career and Professional Development Centre provides a career development pack to help you plan your next move.

Members in London who've recently been appointed to a new job also share their tips for success.

A new CV for a new you

Before you apply for the next job, make sure your CV is up to scratch. Tailor your CV to the role you’re applying for. Demonstrate your skills and experience clearly.

  • Provide a short profile to explain the contribution you can make – past jobs and education are not enough
  • Focus on achievements, not duties
  • Avoid gaps in your career history; explain all the transferable skills you picked up
  • Include your achievements outside of work, especially volunteering, mentoring or helping with a marketing project through the Media Trust
  • Read and reread - perfect spelling and grammar are essential
  • CVs are often sent electronically so include your email, links to past employers’ websites and the websites of professional institutes you belong to
  • Since the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations legislation of 2006, it’s illegal to discriminate on the grounds of age – so you don’t need to include your age
  • Marital and family status have no bearing on selection and don’t need to be on your CV

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Studying Members! Four exam boards a year plus syllabus changes

learning zoneFour Chartered Institute of Marketing Exam Boards a year

Traditionally, The Institute always worked on the basis of December and June exam/assignment deadlines to coincide with their bi-annual exam boards. From this summer there will be four Exam Boards a year. This means you can submit work in September, December, March or June - subject to specific college timetables.

For further details please visit the The Institute's Learning Zone.

“Old” Certificate subjects – Last chance

With the new Professional Certificate syllabus launched last summer, June 2009 is the last chance for students to complete their “old” subject exams in Marketing Fundamentals, Customer Communications, Marketing Environment or Marketing in Practice. Help is available from the Student Support Group (SSG) with telephone tutorials, a Kickstart teleconference and\or a Syllabus & Exam Prep workshop.

Contact Caroline or call 01784 463057.

Not quite your last chance! – Professional Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma changes!

The Institute is launching a new Syllabus in July 2009 for the Professional Diploma & Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip.) qualifications. This means that studying members who want to complete their current qualification, only have three more chances to finish (May and December 2009 and June 2010). Otherwise, they’ll be obliged to switch to alternative new syllabus subjects, and at PGDip. level it could take students considerably longer to complete the new course!

student support groupThe Professional Diploma – Where to get help with the old subjects

If you’d like some exam or assignment help with Marketing Planning, Marketing Research & Information, Marketing Communications or Marketing Management in Practice, SSG can help. For those who like to start their revision early, they run a “Kickstart teleconference” for each subject. If you’d like a tutor expert in Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications to whiz through syllabus highlights in a day, you’ll benefit from a Syllabus Crammer. If it’s Exam practice you need, working in small friendly groups with tutor support, an SSG Exam Prep’ workshop is just for you!

Professional Postgraduate Diploma – Who you gonna call?

If it’s Analysis & Evaluation, Strategic Marketing Decisions, Managing Marketing Performance or Strategic Marketing in Practice (SMIP) you're worried about, SSG can help. For those who like to start their revision early, they run a “Kickstart teleconference” for each subject. Choose an SSG Syllabus Crammer if you’d like a tutor who is expert in Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications to whiz you through syllabus highlights in a day. Or benefit from an SSG Exam Prep’ workshop if you need Exam practice, working in small friendly groups with tutor support.

Contact Caroline or call 01784 463057.

student support groupStrategic Marketing in Practice (SMIP PGDip.) – How to pass The Institute’s dreaded Case Study

SSG’s SMIP tutors have Case Study experience gained over the last 16 years, that’s 32 Case Studies (they must be mad!) Their unique approach helps students “eat the elephant one spoon at a time” – breaking the dreaded Case Study into more easily digested chunks, one week at a time.

They can help you “crack” the Case, develop your six page analysis and develop your strategic solutions, offered at London workshops on Saturdays or Monday evening teleconferences, for those who can’t or prefer not to travel.

The SSG process is explained in their “Critical Steps for SMIP” document – to get your free copy contact Caroline or call 01784 463057.

Fancy a chat? FREE Study planning advice

Who is it for?

Members studying for any Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification (Exam or Assignment) including the Introductory Certificate, Professional Certificate, the Professional Diploma, the Professional Postgraduate Diploma (SMIP Case Study included) and the E-marketing Award.

carolineHow does it work?

It’s a free service provided by The Institute’s study experts, the SSG on any aspect of your studies. It’s an invaluable and specific source of practical advice, revision planning support, academic expertise, study tips and even moral support. You can book tutorials (usually conducted by telephone) or workshops (London based in May or by via teleconference for SMIP) to get help with specific parts of your course (fees apply).

Contact Caroline or call 01784 463057. The SSG helpline has extended opening hours when you need them most, so during the six week run-up to The Chartered Institute of Marketing Exam/Assignment deadlines in June and December, their office is open from 9am until 7pm every day.

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Brand longevity, top tips for B2B survival

In early spring, the list of the country’s 500 strongest B2B brands was published.

b2b brandsThe Superbrand list is developed by a council of senior UK business leaders and is balanced by a survey of 1,500 professionals. The goal is to determine the brands with the finest reputations in their fields. Quality, reliability and distinction are the three key criteria.

The list makes for interesting reading. Not surprisingly, Google and Microsoft took first and second place, with BP, BBC (Worldwide), GSK, and Rolls-Royce Group rounding up the top slots. Google is the only brand in the top fifty that emerged after 1990. As it turns out, the average age of the top fifty contestants was 90. Of course, the age of a business is a factor in building its reputation. But what other features or qualities do these Superbrands share? How can you incorporate these in your organisation?

  1. Heritage obviously matters and brands with UK roots seem to have the advantage. Organisations like GSK have an international base, but a UK history. Emphasising the depth of your business’ connection to the UK could create positive support.
  2. Being distinct from the competition counts. Rolls Royce is an excellent example of a company that’s recognised for being unique in a market. Can you think of a recent ad campaign? Their model is based on something different, something that sets them apart from the field. The Economist comes in at 26 and is a good example of a media company with a very distinct outlook and voice. It’s not just reaching everyone with your message, it’s making sure that message is exactly right for the organisation.
  3. Resiliency counts more than we think. It’s part of inspiring trust. Proof that you can weather difficult times matters to your customers. A company that hasn’t gone through a few ups and downs may look a bit bland. Endurance is a theme that could enhance or improve the perception of your business.

For survival, strong brands focus on adding value, reliable services or products and on being different from their competitors. These are the qualities that will keep business ahead even during a recession. Some of the newest entries into the top 500 – Balfour Beatty, British Gypsum, Skanska – were from the building sector. This shows that brand strength is becoming important in fields that were once considered less brand aware.

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The Great Polaroid Sunglasses Give-Away!

polaroid sunglassesNot one … not two … but twenty pairs of sunglasses
to give away!

From great styling to unparalleled sports performance, Polaroid Sunglasses have it all. Each pair comes with Polaroid polarized lenses that eliminate glare and block dangerous UV rays. So get set for summer.

All you need to do is answer a few questions and you could be one of our lucky winners!

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Members’ career success

career successIt’s not all doom and gloom out there. Our members are living proof that the economy is alive … and kicking. So take a minute and meet the GLR members who have found new jobs. Their advice could just inspire you to keep going with your own job search.

Congratulations to:

felice aylingFelice Ayling

Felice is now Stakeholder Relations Manager, South East Coast Ambulance Service, NHS Trust. Her top tip for getting a job is: Do your homework. Felice explains, “gathering information about an organisation’s goals and aspirations can really give you an edge when you’re applying for a new job. Don’t be afraid to contact them for an informal chat or request copies of their annual report or corporate strategy. It will help you to identify your unique selling point where you can add real value. It’s important to remember that suitability for the role goes both ways, make sure the company is right for you and will take you where you want to go.” Looking ahead Felice says, “With less money being spent on traditional advertising and marketing activities, those working in communications and public relations are really coming into their own and creating unique opportunities to develop creative and engaging campaigns that truly meet the needs of the business.”

ema barnes-holmesEma Barnes-Holmes

As the new Customer Marketing Manager at SCA Hygiene Products UK, Ema believes the key to a successful interview is research. “You can ask relevant questions about the business in order to gain better feedback plus during interviews potential employers always ask if you know about their business and/or products/brands - the more you already know the more impressed they are; they believe you are serious about wanting to work for them and it also shows that you are committed to gaining knowledge before embarking on something new,” explains Ema. In her new role her aim will be to “advise the retailers better and instill their trust.” She’ll be using her marketing skills to ensure her company’s products add value to the retailer's category.

chris brownChris Brown

Chris is the ACT ON CO2 Stakeholder Relations Manager. The role is funded by the Department for Transport and supports the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. To succeed in interviews, he suggests “be thorough and think laterally when applying and then when preparing for interview.” When asked about the biggest challenge facing him in his new role, Chris replies, “Taking forward new environmental partnerships against the backdrop of the harsh economic downturn.”

noori charaniaNoori Charania

She’s a Marketing Executive at Nexant Ltd. Right now, she’s focused on keeping up-to-date with new technical advances and changes in the industry. Her tips are to “make sure your CV is up-to-date; use examples of successful projects which you have worked on. Sign up to a few agencies do not limit to one,” she also says “Research the company that you applying for; it will help if you get selected for an interview.” When asked about challenges ahead, Noori comments that the biggest challenge is “the ability to recession-proof my career, given the climate we are in, there is a greater need to make sure I have all the required skills and knowledge to do my job efficiently and effectively.”

pippa colletPippa Collet

Pippa didn’t get her new job in the usual way. When her employer went into liquidation, she bought the assets and is now Managing Director of Sponsorship Consulting Services Limited, focused on winning new business. She recommends not just looking for a job but actually creating one. “To get a new job I bought the assets and have re-established the company under my own ownership!” She explains, “This may not be the route for everyone but there are relatively few opportunities out there so self-employment of one sort or another becomes a more viable/attractive option.”

annette humphreyAnnette Humphrey

Recently appointed Partnerships Manager at Tearfund UK, Annette is rising to the challenge which must be familiar to other marketers, she explains, “In my new role there’s increased targets with reduced resources, very challenging!” So what is her tip for securing a rewarding job like this? “I would really recommend carving out quality time to think about all your potential options - sounds basic but could be overlooked!” says Annette.

sanchi murisonSanchi Murison

Sanchi Murison, Head of Marketing and Communications at Dimensions and Adepta, takes a candidate-focused approach to job search. “Know what you enjoy doing and look for the organisation that’s right for you.” As a result of change in the Social Care sector, where individuals have more say over their care, communications must reflect the needs of different audiences. She says its all about, “How to change our communications as the nature of the customer changes from local authorities through to people with learning disabilities and their families.”

Congratulations on your success!

Want to share your good news? Just email the Editor.

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London calling...

Join a great team and achieve even more!

louise elliottVolunteer for the West London and Heathrow Branch of the GLR, and you might just surprise yourself. Right from the start, you’ll get involved in planning and hosting a wide range of events. You’ll also meet some of the most interesting people in marketing.

So, if you have energy and enthusiasm to spare and you want to build your own professional network, contact Louise Elliott, West London and Heathrow Team Leader, at louiseelliott@mouchel.com

mope giwaA warm welcome to Mope Giwa – new Chair of the Croydon & East Surrey Branch

Actually, Mope has been an active member of the GLR for many years. But now she’s taken on a challenging new role. As Chairperson of the Croydon and East Surrey branch, she plans to build new links with local companies so they can benefit from the resources and expertise the Institute offers. And, with her background as a Product Manager in the pharmaceutical industry and her experience volunteering as a Business Advisor for Young Enterprise, it’s a role she’s uniquely suited to. Mope has also recently been awarded Chartered Marketer Status. She’s clearly a professional on the move who deserves all our congratulations. Well done!

meet with drinksNetwork like a pro - Come to the next Meet with Drinks!

Times are tough. But that doesn’t mean your career should be at a standstill. When you attend an event either through the GLR or your employer, you can’t expect people to just assume you need some help with introductions. By the same token, if you’re interested in changing jobs, don’t expect people to start waving contracts and pens in your general vicinity. Most of us aren’t actually psychic. But, if you give off the right signals, you’ll soon be networking with confidence.

Come to Meet with drinks in Holborn or Network with drinks in Hammersmith to meet some new faces in a friendly environment. You could try these 5 networking tips:

1. Making an entry

Body language and dress count. If you’ve just come from work, don’t forget to freshen up, pop some mints and put your phone on silent – if you can. Before you walk in the room, remind yourself of what you’re trying to convey. Straighten up if you need to and remember not to fold your arms across your chest. Hands should be out of your pockets. Don’t be afraid to look around or make eye contact. Other people may be nervous and a smile will put them at their ease.

2. Joining the conversation

When you see a group of people you’d like to join, stand alongside them for a minute or two. Make eye contact with a few in the circle and then join the conversation with a brief remark. Don’t worry about the limelight, you’ll impress more people by being able to work with the dynamics that you find. If there’s someone you particularly want to speak to, try to draw them out with questions about their role, a recent project or their ideas about something that’s happening in the industry.

3. Food and drink

It looks civil to have a glass of wine in your hand. Unfortunately the after effects of several glasses of wine can be slightly less than civil. Perfectly intelligent and highly skilled people make this mistake. The buffet can be tricky, too. Eat nothing and you look a little odd. Too many trips to the buffet and you can look as if you can’t afford to buy food on a regular basis. Moderation works and stops you from looking clumsy or inadvertently spraying someone you want to impress with canapé crumbs.

4. Follow up

Engaging people in conversation is a good start. If you’re interested in building a professional relationship with them, then by all means email them a follow-up note to re-introduce yourself. It might even be appropriate to attach a CV. Facebook and Linked In are also great ways to keep friendships fresh and lively. Linked In is becoming an increasingly useful tool for recruitment, so use it to your advantage. The combination of a personal introduction and a digital follow-up can be one that makes you look both organised and thoughtful.

5. Don’t forget

Clean up your Facebook or My Space page and be careful what you say on Twitter. More and more people, including potential employers, take a look at what’s going on in the social space before they actually begin any kind of relationship. If you’re in the habit of discussing your drinking habits or your success at ducking out of the office early, you might want to stop. Keep your profile tidy and accurate.

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GLR charities

Run, watch or headhunt for talent with ParalympicsGB

Three different ways to show your support:

1. Participate in the Asics British 10k London Run, July 12

There’s still some places available for people to run the 10k for ParalympicsGB this summer. All entrants must be able to raise a minimum of £400. In return, you’ll receive fundraising support, a running vest and be invited to our post-race reception.

charity 10k

Mark Ganellin, Chartered Marketer and long-time GLR member has already committed to the race. Follow his story on the GLR Blog. Even better sponsor him by visiting the bmycharity page.

2. Attend the BT Paralympic World Cup, Manchester, May 20-25

See Britain’s top Paralympic athletes compete against the best in the world, in athletics, swimming, cycling and wheelchair basketball.

For tickets and more information please go to www.btparalympicworldcup.com or call 0844 8471622.
Tickets cost £3 per session.

paralympicsGB3. Give someone a chance - ParalympicsGB Talent Day, Manchester, June 4

ParalympicsGB continues the search for future paralympic stars with the next in a series of talent identification days to be held in Manchester following the BT Paralympic World Cup.

For more information and to download a talent ID form, please go to www.paralympics.org.uk/talent

sky diveBlue sky thinking? Jump 10,000 feet for the Prostate Cancer Charity

Imagine standing on the edge of an open doorway at 10,000 feet, looking down at the distant fields below. Now imagine leaning out of that doorway and flying through the air at 120mph. It’s a once in a lifetime challenge!

If you’re on the look out for an adventure or want to prove you’ve overcome your fear of heights, why not try skydiving – and help a worthwhile cause at the same time?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. 1 man dies from the disease every hour of every day. Thousands of men and their families are affected by prostate cancer every year. They face uncertainty and fear.

Support men across the UK by taking this challenge and help us continue our fight.

All you need to do is raise £395 for The Prostate Cancer Charity. Then you can jump for free. With 25 different participating sites around the UK, including 8 different sites in the South East, you can jump where and when you like.

The next step isn’t scary at all. Just contact Lisa Clark, The Prostate Cancer Charity . Or call her on 0208 222 7692. Don’t forget to say you’re a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing who are partners to The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Speedmatching is a great way to get started as a marketing adviser

speedmatchingMedia Trust makes it easy

Speedmatching evenings are free informal networking events that work on the same principle as speed-dating! Ten charities and ten volunteer advisers (media, marketing and communications professionals) get together for an evening. The Media Trust provides the drinks, snacks and a friendly atmosphere. There's an opportunity for networking before the speedmatching starts - then each adviser gets to spend 5 minutes chatting to each charity - offering on the spot advice and ideas where possible. After the event, everyone has the chance to discuss further support for the charity partners. If you speak to an organisation you would like to find out more about and work with in future, mark it on your match card. If the charity has also indicated they would like to work with you, we'll put you in touch after the event!

There’s always great feedback from charities and advisers about these evenings. So, why not give it a try?

"It’s brave to bring together people with disparate skills and needs, but it works,
so full marks to Media Trust."
David Brewer, Media Ideas

The next speedmatching event, from the The Institute’s Creative & Marketing Communications networking group CIMCOM, will be held on:

8 July, 6-8pm, at Edelman PR Victoria Street, SW1E 6QT between Westminster and Victoria Station

If you would like to ensure your place to offer advice please book online or call 01628 427340. Places are limited and disappear quickly, so get in touch as soon as possible if you want to take part.

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