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16 Mar

Meet with Drinks, London Bridge


23 Mar

Hotel Marketing Association Event - Managing your online reputation, Buckingham Palace Road


26 Mar

The Pitch London 2010, Kensington

29 Mar

Twitter is so last year…, Finchley


31 Mar

Meet with drinks, Hammersmith


8 Apr

Social media - does it work in the business world?, Croydon


12 Apr

Hotel Marketing Association Event - Successful digital marketing, Buckingham Palace Road


14 Apr

From Twitter and blogging to Wikipedia and Facebook, Barons Court


17 Apr

How to pass The Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications and boost your career, London Metropolitan University


21 Apr

Meet with Drinks, Holborn


20 May

Meet with drinks, Holborn


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A word from Philip Preston - you can teach an old dog new tricks

Philip PrestonHaving got over my mid-life crisis four or five years ago (no it wasn’t a Harley Davison - it was a Mini Cooper) I have coasted into my early fifties with most of my faculties intact and my appetite for acquiring new marketing knowledge as healthy as ever.

It was over 20 years ago that I passed the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and since then I have always tried to upgrade my knowledge on a regular basis. In 2000 I passed the IDM Diploma in Direct Marketing, which added another dimension to my set of skills and three years ago commissioned the IDM to run a three-day course in-house for the marketing team at Archant, where I was the Marketing Director, on digital marketing. It was an excellent course but really only scratched the surface.

websiteHaving attended a wide range of The Chartered Institute of Marketing events in London over the past eighteen months on the subject of digital marketing I have decided it’s time for me to study the discipline in more depth.

Which is why I am currently studying the new CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing. For now it is being “test marketed” with a relatively small number of study centres but a roll-out is planned for the second half of 2010.

Because I have the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing I have an exemption from Unit 3 Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, which means I only have to pass Unit 1 Digital Marketing Essentials and Unit 2 Digital Marketing Planning to qualify. Hopefully by the end of the year.

So I now have my nose stuck into a number of text books, study guides, practice assignments and self tests as well as Googling anything and everything digital with a view to completing my first assessed assignment in May. I have to develop a digital marketing plan for my organisation’s online operation – that should be interesting.

The one thing I have learned so far is that digital marketing in essence is no different from direct marketing, apart from the fact that the consumer really is in control and one-to-one marketing is now a reality. Actually there are quite a few new tricks I need to learn as well as a whole new marketing vocabulary, but that’s part of the fun.

If you want to be taken seriously as a marketing professional these days you have to know your digital stuff. Its hard work but worth the investment in time and effort. As Peter F. Drucker once said “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”

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How do you measure the impact of marketing?

barometerWe asked London members how they evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives. It must have been a question that’s dear to your hearts as it prompted a great raft of opinions. Here are some of them. Do they match your views or could you learn from your marketing peers? Whether you agree or disagree you can send your comments to The Editor and we’ll post them on the London marketer’s blog.

“Simple really - achievement of objectives determined at the outset?”

Aaron Mahadevan, European Marketing Manager, PepsiCo

“In overall terms - for me, successful marketing is about recruiting brand ambassadors i.e. your customers recommending you independently to their peers. You can tell people how good you are, but when your customers start telling people how good you are, that's what matters.”

Caroline Forbes, Senior Marcomms Manager, Royal Mail


“I measure it through increased brand awareness and sales generation.”

Jennifer Osborne-Zdaniuk, Marketing and Communications Executive

“I’m currently using a mixture of sales turnover, return on investment, and various web and email statistics.”

Kati Herranen, Marketing & Sales Executive, FPA

“By defining specific and measurable goals and objectives and referencing your KPIs against benchmarks.”

Ben Moore, Brand Manager, GSK

B2B marketers get stricter at measuring results

For those working in business-to-business marketing, which includes a large number of our members in greater London a new study identified increased commitment to measuring Return on Investment (ROI). The B2B Barometer study shows that the growing interest in measuring ROI amongst client-side B2B marketers is being converted into action and there are signs that considerable investment has been made, especially in the last six months. Previously half of B2B marketers measured ROI now this figure is two-thirds.B2B Barometer

% measuring ROI
April 2009
February 2010

Source: The B2B Barometer

6 paths to choose from to improve your ability to measure success

  1. Want to be able to show your company that you put the marketing budget to good use? Then attend How to sell and justify your marketing initiatives - on 25 March.
  2. Need help getting started with measuring success? The Introduction to marketing metrics has it all.
  3. Or if you need to make sure you’re as good at measuring digital marketing as traditional marketing then this course will get you there.
  4. And there’s even more metrics training for marketers with Marketing metrics – measuring marketing performance.
  5. Are you looking for a good read and useful advice on measuring marketing success? See the ‘Books for Professional Marketers’ with 20% off all books featured when you order by phone and with free P&P to members in London.

    Or try these books:

    • Marketing Payback by Robert Shaw and David Merrick normally £24.99 now just £19.99 with free P&P
    • Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence from Philip Kotler and John A. Caslione list price £22.99 now £18.39 with free P&P when you buy by phone.

    For information or to place an order contact The Chartered Institute of Marketing Direct team on 01628 427427. Make sure you mention you want the 20% discount for London members.

  6. The white paper 'Return on Ideas' puts forward the case for better results when finance and marketing work together, with enlightening case studies.

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The future of mobile marketing – advertising set to rise

iPhonesA recent online study has taken place on the future of using mobile phones as a method of advertising. Mobile phones are constantly evolving in terms of technology, and potential customers are using them to check their emails, shop online, update their blog, read the news and all sorts of different activities. Handsets such as the iPod touch and mobiles with WAP technology and access to the Internet make it simple to browse the web from the palm of your hand, rather than having to connect to the internet via a computer.

This progression of technology has opened up new avenues for companies to advertise in, and this is what London based research and forecasting company the Trajectory Partnership has determined from their study.

Mobile advertising set to rise - but when, how and why?

On behalf of O2 Media, the Trajectory Partnership created The Media Forum, which is a combination of debates, networking and survey research designed help members to look at the future of mobile advertising. Many Chartered Institute of Marketing Greater London members have taken part in the first wave of research which looked into the attitudes towards and current use of mobile marketing.

Here is a summary of the report. From this you can see what this trend could mean for the future of your business’ marketing strategies.

Perhaps the most important thing to pull out of this first wave is the overwhelming positivity about the channel: 85% of the panel who had used mobile marketing felt that the campaign had been at moderately or extremely successful. Over 90% said they intend to use it again.


Participants were keen to stress that practical utility and not just creativity were vital if mobile marketing was to succeed. Apps that deliver timely information or advice were particularly ‘top of mind’ popular examples included a ‘nice’ public toilet finder or advice on where to find a decent cocktail in a strange city (the important issues!). Budgets are tight, and ability to provide ROI is vital to the future of any project especially one using a relatively new and untried technology.


Why are companies advertising?

Exactly what people are using these technologies for? Primarily they are not using them for selling, or data capture rather they are employed to build and cement a brand identity. This undoubtedly has implications for the mobile technique employed in the advertising campaign and provides a clue as to the success of Apps.


Challenges faced

In terms of the challenges faced by those entering the mobile sector, the research found that they were largely the same as those in other media markets. The primary one being, the old problem of measuring effectiveness – the old adage that 50% of advertising spend is wasted but no one knows which 50% remains to an extent true even in the most modern medium.


How did participants think mobile would evolve? By and large they felt that mobile marketing, and mobile technologies in general could only grow and grow. Of course they would have to prove themselves effective in the market, but as technology improves it was felt that they could start to replace older forms of internet access, and as such become a prominent model for mass marketing.


About the Media Forum

LinkedInOver the next few months some of these issues are being tracked and explored through further studies and debates. Trajectory has also just launched a Linkedin group - The Future of Mobile Advertising. You are very welcome to join in.

"This forum is a really exciting venture for O2 Media. The sector is full of creative people with wide-ranging skills, interests and ideas. We hope that this forum will create a place for them to refine and develop those ideas by working alongside their peers, clients, partners and technological experts. We want to listen to those debates and design compelling services that are in tune with the needs of the market. Innovation often gets lost in the melee of 'me too' responses and watered-down concepts - the forum will be a hub of powerful thinking designed to drive the media sector forward. Please do join in."

Shaun Gregory, MD O2 Media

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Career success for Wanjiku Calver

Wanjiku CalverWe interviewed Wanjiku Calver from the North London Team to find out what part her quest for marketing knowledge has played in her success. Read the interview or take a look at her top tips for improving your knowledge.

"Being involved with The Chartered Institute of Marketing has enabled me to stay on top of the latest trends and ideas."

Wanjiku Calver, Assistant Marketing Manager, Safestore Self Storage

Why did you choose a career in marketing?

“I’d always enjoyed languages and communications; and having studied these at A Level, I found it very interesting how language could be used to persuade, influence, sell and communicate a message. Marketing was a natural step. I enjoy the challenge of communicating to different audiences and I have now been in marketing for just over six years.”

Has your experience in past jobs helped with your current one?

“I worked in the banking and financial services sectors though I must say that marketing has nothing to do with what’s been going on there lately!

I’ve been able to apply the marketing principles learnt in these roles to my current one. I learnt a lot during my time in the banking industry which can be quite a competitive environment for selling products and services. My experience has helped me to understand different audiences, their needs and how to communicate with them especially when times are tough. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of communicating and marketing products which aren’t traditionally exciting or easy to sell which has helped enormously in the industry I am in today.”

What do you do for Safestore?

“I work as Assistant Marketing Manager for Safestore Self Storage. I’m part of a team responsible for communicating the features and benefits of self storage to different audiences such as households, businesses and students.

safestoreI manage marketing campaigns in both the offline and online areas from store point of sale materials such as posters and leaflets to the digital side managing the Safestore website, search engine optimisation, online display advertising and social networking. I also work across other areas like developing brand guidelines and PR. I’m working to raise brand awareness of Safestore as well as the concept of self storage in the UK. It’s a very varied role which is great.”

Has being a member of the Institute made a difference?

“Yes! Being a member has enabled me to meet other marketers in different industries and sectors and has provided valuable networking opportunities. I’ve met a range of different people from all walks of life and this has helped me to stay ahead of the latest marketing trends and developments.

Regular attendance at local branch events and volunteering for the North London team has meant I’ve been able to learn about different areas of marketing from career development and personal branding briefing agencies, copywriting and social media innovations and trends.”

You completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and the Institute’s eMarketing Award. Has this helped you?

“My qualifications have really helped me to understand the theory and rationale behind marketing concepts and having this as a basis has given me a really good foundation for applying my learning practically. The eMarketing Award has been great as I’m considering moving more into the digital arena which is growing more and more which is really exciting.

The qualifications have enabled me to develop my marketing skills and career especially as most roles now require a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification.”

Do you think enhancing your knowledge is important for career progression?

“I’d say that we’re increasingly having to market to customers in a world that is changing all the time. For example, there’s the way customers now consume messages, the different ways in which organisations can communicate with customers and the increase of products in a competitive environment. In the age of the Internet where everything is instant and transparent, there is a need to stay on top of trends, innovations and developments in the way we communicate so that customers can hear you through all the ‘noise’.

Building and maintaining your knowledge can only help as you strive to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs whilst achieving your business objectives.”

What does the future hold for you?

“I see myself at Safestore Self Storage at least for the next five years or so. I’d like to be managing large scale online marketing campaigns to increase awareness of the self storage concept and Safestore’s brand profile, all whilst reaching customers nationwide. I’m enjoying my time here, everyone’s really great fun and I’m relishing the challenge of marketing something outside of the norm!”

Wanjiku’s top 5 tips for improving your knowledge

  1. Don’t assume you know it all – there are always lots of things to learn.
  2. Increase your practical knowledge - attend local Chartered Institute of Marketing events and marketing exhibitions, subscribe to email alerts, get a mentor or shadow someone .
  3. Take short courses in new developing areas such as email marketing, social networking and other Chartered Institute of Marketing courses.
  4. Always put yourself in the mind of your customer – understand their needs, how they like to communicate and be there so they can find you.
  5. Network, network, network! Get to know other marketers in different areas. You never know when those contacts might come in handy.
Are you inspired to develop your knowledge? Find out more about getting qualified with the Institute.
Want to meet other marketers? Come along to a Meet with Drinks event near you. It’s informal, friendly and an excellent way to network with other members.
Would you like to share your story? Email the Editor with your name and phone number and the next member’s profile we publish could be yours.

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Latest thinking – new digital paper and resources

Keeping informed is crucial for marketing. We have to be one step ahead. The latest Shape the Agenda paper ‘Returns on Digital’ is well worth getting up to speed with. And don’t forget your membership gives you access to a vast range of resources. Check these out:

What’s more we asked you what your best business read was and got some interesting insights into how London marketers stay up-to-date.

Hot off the press. London launch of the latest Shape the Agenda Paper - Returns on Digital

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s latest ‘Shape the Agenda’ paper, published on 4 March 2010, has shown that marketers spend more time on digital than with print advertising. The Institute's research shows that whilst most forms of advertising are declining, digital is consistently increasing. However, returns on digital marketing might be seen as being high, but it's a fast changing area. The digital landscape is one where increasing numbers of customers feel their security and privacy is being invaded; so how can companies personalise their communications and start a dialogue with their customers, rather than being seen as intrusive?

This Shape the Agenda Paper unveils the new trends that are emerging that marketers like you need to be aware of, and what the future might be for social networking, internet marketing and mobile media. The Chartered Institute of Marketing's latest Agenda Paper surveys the current digital landscape and sees what's emerging on the horizon.

Online Marketing Resources

websiteThere are a raft of great resources on The Chartered Institute of Marketing website. Click on resources, for a long list of categories explaining Professional Marketing Standards for Branding, Customer Relations and Pricing. For each you can find a selection of documents, reports, market research, books and search information, all available to you to help with your qualifications or your job. From the Online journals, books and reports www.cim.co.uk/elibrary tab you can use EBSCO, Emerald and MyiLibrary search databases to look for information on specific topics from a host of online business journals, databases, articles and reports.

Book a place at Engagement through online TV, 27 January

Popular topics

Each resources category is packed full of useful information. Key points of interest to look at are the Ethics and social responsibility and Understanding your market which bring you the very latest developments in 21st century marketing. Another useful resource is Marketing plans and strategy which has a marketing planning tool which you can download and use as a template. And, in the Small business solutions area under the Managing products and services tab, you will find fact files and 10 minute guides which give you essential snippets of information that you can put into use immediately.

Cutting Edge – news roundup

Balancing a marketing career, studying and other commitments can be a juggling act. To keep up with all the latest marketing news in a quick and easy way, you can sign up to Cutting Edge, The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s weekly digest of marketing-related news. It will keep you up-to-date with short and snappy paragraphs on everything from FMCG to brands, from loyalty programmes to fashion marketing.

Library services

The Institute’s Library Service is a specialist source of information for members, and you can visit the library personally at The Institute’s Head Office - Moor Hall - or access an online range of resources. At Moor Hall you also have access to market research reports from Mintel and Key Note, plus hardcopy journals. They also provide photocopying services if you need specific information to take away, and you can benefit from the book loan service.

So, what are you waiting for?! Visit the Marketing resources area today and increase your knowledge from the vast range of resources available to you as a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Best business read

In January we asked you which was your best business read. Here’s what members in Greater London think.

 % Best business read
18% Marketing Week
14% The Marketer


The Economist
10% The Financial Times
44% The Telegraph, Management Today, and Internet resources

“Marketing Week provides punchy weekly updates of what is going on in the market and helps you keep up to date with developments and competitive activity.”

Cristina Loaiza, Project Manager, Wolters Kluwer - Health Publishing

“The Marketer. It’s informative and gives a real in sight across the range of Marketing disciplines, and sectors. This has really added to my understanding, coming from a straight B2B media comms background. I find the interviews really interesting, for the diversity of interviewee.”

Zoe Tillier, Freelance

snowballLondon marketers recommended these books too:

  • Snowball - The Warren Buffett Biography.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy, by Kim & Mauborgne.
  • Ogilvy on Advertising.

“Snowball was a fantastic story and insight into one of the world’s most powerful men. Also served as an inspirational story of sorts, highlighting how much one can achieve with hard work, determination and innovation.”

David Waldby

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Love chocolate? Then enter the prize draw by 31 March

It’s always good to indulge yourself, and why not! Marketers have to work mighty hard and Easter is just around the corner. So give yourself a break from your day-to-day hard work. Enter the prize draw to win the ultimate in chocolate extravagance. To celebrate the season, we’re giving away not one but two cases of chocolate delights. Enter the prize draw to be in with a chance to win, and munch your way through the chocolate goodies whilst reading the latest business best seller, relaxing with the family or even swotting up on your revision.

First prize is an impressive array of Green & Black’s organic Easter chocolates in a fabulous hand tied gift box. It contains two luxury chocolate Easter eggs, each complemented with two large chocolate bars. Plus Maya Gold and Milk Butterscotch thick shelled eggs, three 35g bars tied with a ribbon and a carton of dark mini eggs with smooth praline centres complete the hamper.

chocolateThe lucky runner up will win a classic combination of Cadbury’s finest Easter gifts to delight all the family. The prize is a selection of all your favourite Cadbury eggs including Flake and Roses, plus a wide variety of Mini Eggs, Easter Chick Buttons and other classics.

Closing date 31 March 2010.

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Join the new Social Marketing Interest Group

January heralded the latest in the Institute’s family of Market Interest Groups (MIG) – the Social Marketing MIG. An enthusiastic and committed group of over 40 members has grown steadily since its early beginnings at Moor Hall last year.

Shape the Agenda“We have been witnessing an increasing interest in social marketing over recent times in the UK” says Veronica Sharp, Chair of the Group, “particularly as policy makers recognise its potential in encouraging healthier lifestyles, pro-environmental behaviours and reducing social inequalities.” With new UK occupational standards in the discipline – a world first - and the Institute’s 2009 Agenda Paper Less Smoke, More Fire addressing this field of expertise, social marketing is set to develop as a major force in achieving social good. Its essence is strong ‘customer’ orientation – understanding where people are starting from – providing the insight to understand how to motivate positive behaviour.

For the Social Marketing MIG, building relationships with the Institute’s Regional Centres this year is fundamental to stimulating wider interest amongst The Chartered Institute of Marketing members. The group is planning an official launch event in the autumn to celebrate its inauguration, and exploring opportunities to collaborate with regional events.

The group will conduct a small amount of research with the wider Chartered Institute of Marketing membership to survey the understanding, perspectives and learning needs of future members. The group is are also preparing a response to Less Smoke, More Fire - exploring the similarities and differences between social marketing and commercial marketing, and the partnership opportunities that may emerge between the business, voluntary and public sectors. Both will feed into the launch event in the autumn.

In essence, the MIG’s purpose is to raise the profile, understanding and competence of social marketing, and to encourage the application of its principles among The Chartered Institute of Marketing members, other marketing practitioners and related professionals.

The current group comprises members from a broad mix of backgrounds, providing a creative platform of experience - social marketing consultancies, charities, the NHS, Local Authorities, multinationals, SMEs and the National Social Marketing Centre, with whom the group is closely linked.

These are early days, of course, and the group welcomes new members and collaborations both within and beyond The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Membership is free and you can find out more about the group’s activities at www.cim.co.uk/socialmarketingmig

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The Pitch London2010: last chance, enter by 12 March

The Pitch LondonAn unmissable day. An amazing prize. Are you up for it?

Have you got what it takes to pull off the pitch of your career? If you're serious about your career in marketing then you seriously need to be part of The Pitch. Everything you’ve learnt about marketing will be put to the test. There are already teams registered and ready to go, and with just a few days left to enter make sure you secure your place. Enter by 12 March 2010.

Friday 26 March. One day – two venues – an amazing prize.

Your team could win:

  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing Shield for a year.
  • Membership of The Chartered Institute of Marketing for a year.
  • Free membership to The Roof Gardens private members club for one year.

The day begins at 9.30am when you and your 2 team-mates register at the Roof Garden, Kensington followed by your briefing at 10:00am when the competition starts. Hosted by our sponsors Virgin Limited Edition, you’ll be inspired to develop your solution at this prestigious venue with its flamingo-filled gardens, award-winning Babylon restaurant and private members club. Lunch will be provided around 1:00 pm and your team will have until 4:00pm to submit their proposal and PowerPoint to the judges. You’ll then have 2 hours to make it across town to the BPP Business School near the Gherkin for 6:00pm. That’s when the finalists will be announced and asked to make their pitch. The event ends by 9:00pm. There will be food, drink and time for networking.

If you’ve already entered you’ll get your confirmation pack next week.

Anyone in the Greater London Region studying for The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Professional Diploma levels 6 and 7 and the new syllabus Professional Post-Graduate Diploma can apply to enter the competition.

If you think you have what it takes then make sure you enter now as places are limited and the deadline is just a few days away – on the 12th March. It promises to be an inspiring and creative day, and whatever the outcome your participation is great CV booster. And if you win…well that’d be something! Good luck and may the best brains win!

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Don’t miss the ‘How to pass’ event on 17 April, your last chance to gain the ‘old’ syllabus Diplomas or this editions’ revision tips

If you’re studying for your marketing qualifications, have a look at the support available to get you there.

Book a place at Engagement through online TV, 27 January

How to pass

Saturday 17 April 2010, 09:45 - 13.00, London Metropolitan University.

Whether you want a better grade, just a pass, to save time or get expert marketing career advice, this event is for you. Designed by the Institute’s study experts this half-day event allows you to select the sessions you are interested in.

  • New to the Institute? Learn about study resources and the benefits of your membership.
  • Ask the Examiner – Top tips from an Examiner and chance to get your queries answered.
  • Retaking exams? Discover the tricks of studying smarter to succeed next time.
  • Planning to take exams? Get tips on revision planning from the experts.
  • Worried about SMiP? Let us help you tackle the case study in manageable chunks.
  • Assignment anxiety? We'll show you how to save time and stress.
  • Ready for the next step? Find out how to hone your networking and CV writing skills.
  • There will be a range of speakers and experts for you to talk too.

It’s just £5 for studying members and members. Book online or call 01628 427340.

Last chance - ‘old’ Diplomas

It’s your last chance to enter/pass the ‘old’ Professional Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma exams!

The Chartered Institute of Marketing launched a new syllabus in summer 2009 for their Professional Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip.) qualifications. This means that students wishing to complete their ‘old’ qualification only have one more chance in June 2010 to finish. Otherwise you’ll be obliged to switch to alternative new syllabus subjects, and the new PGDip. level could take considerably longer to complete.

If you’d like some exam or assignment help, with any of the ‘old’ Diploma subjects - Marketing Planning, Marketing Research and Information, Marketing Communications or Marketing Management in Practice, or any of the ‘old’ PGDip subjects: A&E, SMD or MMP, the Institute’s website list all the UK revision providers or The Student Support Group (SSG) can help.

For early starters, there’s an April ‘Kickstart teleconference’ for each subject. If attending a crammer workshop in May, an expert Chartered Institute of Marketing tutor will whiz you through the syllabus highlights and provide some exam practice, working in small friendly groups with tutor support. All designed to help you pass. Individual assignment support is available via email and tele-tutorials, so you can pick a date and a time to suit.

Pass the ’old’ Strategic Marketing in Practice (SMIP PGDip) case study

SSG’s SMIP tutors have supported the last 33 Chartered Institute of Marketing SMIP case studies. Their unique approach helps students break down the dreaded case study into smaller chunks, one week at a time. They can help you develop your six page analysis and prepare your strategies ready for the exam. There’s London Workshops on Sundays or Monday evening teleconferences. All is explained in their free ‘Critical Steps’ document – to get your copy call Caroline at SSG on 01784 463057.

Guidance with the new syllabus and a FREE study helpline

‘New’ Chartered Institute of Marketing subjects – assignment and exam support

You can get individual support with the new range of Certificate, Diploma and CAM Digital marketing subject assignments and exams, from SSG. It’s mostly via email and tele-tutorials, so you can pick a date and a time to suit.

Fancy a chat - free Chartered Institute of Marketing Study planning advice and helpline

  • Who is it for? Members studying for any Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification (exam or assignment) including the Introductory Certificate, Professional Certificate, Professional Diploma, Professional Postgraduate Diploma (including the SMIP Case Study) the E-marketing Award and the New CAM Digital marketing qualifications tool.
  • How does it work? It’s a free service provided by The Chartered Institute of Marketing study experts, Student Support Group, on any aspect of your studies. It’s an invaluable source of practical advice, revision planning support, academic expertise, study tips and even moral support. You can book tutorials (usually conducted by telephone) or workshops (London based in May or by via teleconference for SMIP) to get help with specific parts of your course (fees apply).
  • Who do I call? Send email queries to caroline@studentsupportgroup.co.uk or call 01784 463057. The SSG helpline has extended opening hours when you need them most, so call, email or visit their website.

Assignment planning hints and tips

Suitable for students at all study levels especially those with May 2010 assignment deadlines.

  • Read what the Institute says about Assignments at the Learning Zone.
  • Make a time plan, avoid falling behind but allow for slack!
  • If you can only do one Assignment per term – do one and pass – don’t do three or four and risk failing them all.
  • Make an early scan of the Brief prior to studying the module, but don’t focus on it too much early on.
  • Take time to read widely around your subject, learn and absorb the content of the whole module.
  • Use technology to help find definitions, examples etc. Use internet, website, SSG website etc.
  • Acronyms are still useful here as they provide good structures for assignment answers e.g. PESTEL (Macro).
  • Get practical advice/one-to-one tutorial assignment support from study experts SSG.

What the Examiner wants - Key performance requirements: demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes and subject knowledge (concept); answer the question/task brief; apply the theory to the context provided (application) ; make recommendations, justify your choices (evaluation), use appropriate marketing vocabulary; provide evidence of wider reading; be professional (presentation). Read the Institute’s examiners report for your subject to find out more.

Assignment common errors to avoid – don’t ‘brain dump’ marketing theory, don’t panic and start too late; don’t spend so long planning that you run out of time; don’t waffle – know and apply your theory.

Assignment top tips: Source enough information on your chosen organisation to complete the project. Break down each task, create a ‘skeleton’ answer and ask your Tutor to check it. Use the Chartered Institute of Marketing magic formula for each task: Concept, Application, Evaluation and Presentation. Correctly reference everything using the Harvard referencing system.

Like some more help? Assignment syllabus tutorials – for difficult topic areas (fees apply); Assignment draft work/support tutorials – to get you started, unstuck and finished up to standard (fees apply).

Exam revision hints and tips

1. Identify the gaps in your knowledge

  • Online diagnostic quizzes are a quick way to find out where your knowledge gaps are. There’s a diagnostic quiz for every subject and you pay only £10+vat. Find out how much you actually know and where to focus your study.
  • FREE - We have free quizzes to give away to the first 100 Chartered Institute of Marketing studying members who call SSG. Caroline will issue you with an authorisation number needed to claim your free quiz.

2. Fill the gaps in your knowledge

  • Use the subject syllabus document to check that you have covered and got notes on everything
  • Use mind maps to visually plot your subject syllabus – see how it fits together, aids recall at speed.
  • Make your own revision cards or create a poster of key points per topic.
  • Find one of the Institute’s revision provider to help share the workload.
  • Treat your frazzled brain to a subject specific revision day in London with SSG - London Revision Workshops. Soak up the syllabus highlights and get some essential group exam practice, all crammed into one day.

3. Exam technique

  • Remember that when answering questions – quote the theory, apply it and evaluate it.
  • Exam terminology – understanding jargon, plus free news and articles.
  • Mock exam marking – make the mistakes at home, not in the exam room! Submit a mock paper to SSG and get expert tutor feedback (tutorial fees apply).
  • Reassure yourself at a subject specific Revision day in London and practice Exam Q&A with other students and an expert tutor. Find dates and prices - Exam prep workshops.

4. Improve your grade

Many of the resources are free, some have fees attached. Log in to The Chartered Institute of Marketing website to gain access to study resources and for free advice and for bookings call Caroline at SSG on 01784 463057, email or visit www.studentsupportgroup.co.uk

"The SSG Syllabus sessions are an excellent way of revising the core topics and the Exam Prep sessions really focus on how to get the maximum marks. It's useful to discuss your approach with people from different industries and much more fun than revising alone!"

Christine Hare, Head of Customer Experience Delivery, Orange

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London calling...

Thomas CarterCongratulations! Thomas Carter wins the top careers prize

It’s a great kick-start to 2010 for lucky winner Thomas Carter, Senior International Marketing manager from Boston Scientific, who scooped the top prize in our January Prize Draw. Thomas will enjoy a career support session at the C2 office in central London.

And 5 others picked up email CV support prizes too. Congratulations to the runners up:

  • Andrea Roa, Student, LSM.
  • Cristina Loaiza, Project Manager at Wolters Kluwer - Health Publishing.
  • Emma Frayne, UK Events Manager, Logica.
  • Jonathan Broadest, Marketing Coordinator, The Priory Hospital Roehampton.
  • Sula McKeown, Project/Account Manager at Sponge.

Didn’t win? Well you can still use The Institute’s career advisory service. For more information check online. Login to view the member only content, which is where you’ll find the link to the Career and Professional Development Centre.

Or try this edition’s Prize Draw – you won’t win career advice but you could win chocolate!

Opportunity for marketers – yes you can blog!

Zoe Gell’s done it. So has Marc Duke. And Katherine Wilson. Now it’s your turn…

Blogging is big. Some love to blog. Many love to read blogs. So if you know how to blog yourself, you bring extra skills to your organisation or could even develop a revenue earning blog for yourself. The Chartered Institute of Marketing in London now brings you the chance to start blogging – all in a safe, friendly environment. Become a blogger on the GLR Blog today. Learn how it works and see where it takes you.

 Blogosphere stats
133,000,000 blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002
346,000,000 people globally who read blogs (comScore March 2008)
900,000 average blog posts in a 24 hour period
77% of active Internet users who read blogs
59% of bloggers have been blogging for at least 2 years

Source: The future buzz

So contribute to The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s blog in the Greater London Region! Share your professional opinion. Pass on some study tips. Or talk about the exciting things you’re working on. It’s really easy to get involved. Three or four sentences work well or you can post longer contributions.

To become a contributor to the blog, you can email Stephanie who will set you up with a username and password so you can post your blogs directly. Or if you’re less confident you can email in your contributions and a photo and we’ll post it for you.

Then you are all set to blog your heart out and let us know what is going on in your marketing world.

course directoryStay ahead in 2010

Now spring is approaching and 2010 is well and truly underway, it’s a good time to plan your training for the year. The Chartered Institute of Marketings’ course directory has been sent out to all members, and is available online. It reflects exciting developments in the marketing profession. Marketing is constantly evolving and the new directory is the ideal way for you to keep ahead of the competition and develop your career with courses built on the latest industry thinking and research.

Take a look through the directory and choose the course which will help you and your career develop.

One in three London members get a new job or wins new business

In January we asked you: ‘Have you changed jobs recently, been promoted or won a key piece of business?’ Despite the economy being as it is, 33% of London marketers that replied said ‘Yes’. They have all recently changed jobs, been promoted or won a key piece of business. So take heart! Go out there, build your knowledge and aim for a bright career.

For all the latest jobs go to the Institute’s recruitment website at The Marketer Jobs. To improve your sales effectiveness, take a look at the latest training opportunities from The Institute including competitive tendering skills and business negotiation skills.

Get in shape with the new Marketing Bootcamps

marketing bootcampsThe Chartered Institute of Marketing’s’ 2010 Directory is now out, and features an exciting collection of courses to develop your knowledge. If you’re looking for an innovative way to develop core marketing skills, you can look into the new Marketing Bootcamps, for an intensive programme of learning. They offer an innovative way to gain the core skills required to succeed as a professional marketer. Two carefully selective programmes - Practical Skills for the beginner, and Marketing Planning and Strategy for the more advanced marketers, will help you get ahead of the field and learn the tactics you need to get ahead in marketing. Book yourself on a Marketing Bootcamp now and improve your marketing fitness.

Stretch your budget – up to 25% discount on training

When deciding on which courses to attend this year; don’t forget to take advantage of the ‘Stretch your budget’ offer and get the most value out of your training investment. If you book more than one course for yourself of your colleague, you can benefit from a 20% discount on a second course, a 25% discount on a third course, and a 25% on subsequent bookings. The campaign code is ‘735EN,’ see full terms and conditions.

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Charity partners news

Prostate cancerThe Prostate Cancer awareness month

It’s shocking to think that Prostate cancer kills one man every hour in the UK. It is the most common cancer in men, yet hardly anyone talks about it. It’s hidden because we can’t see it and many people don’t even know what a prostate is or what it does. Prostate cancer awareness month – March - is all about changing that. The more we talk openly about prostate cancer the more lives can be saved.

It’s not too late to support this excellent cause. You can hold a Do Blue Day, take part in The Real Man Cup 2010, or simply make a donation. The Prostate Cancer Awareness website shows the many activities taking place and how you can help bring prostate cancer out into the open.

Share the LOVE. Help fight prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

The Prostate Cancer Charity - one of charity partners in London – is LOVEFiLM’s Charity of the Year. For every person that signs up for a FREE 30 day trial LOVEFiLM will donate £20 to the charity. So if you were going to try LOVEFiLM anyway, why not sign up for the 30 day free trial. That £20 will help The Prostate Cancer Charity fight the most common cancer in men in the UK, which kills one man every hour.

Your trial includes:

  • Over 65,000 titles to choose from.
  • Free first class postage to your door and back.
  • No late fees - keep them as long as you like.
  • No obligations, no minimum contract (yes, really).

You can also choose to make a £1 donation to The Prostate Cancer Charity every month on top of your monthly subscription fees, if you choose to remain a LOVEFiLM customer!

skiingThe Winter Paralympics

ParalympicsGB are the charity responsible for sending the British Paralympic team to the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games and one of this region’s charity partners. The Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games are fast approaching – they will be held 12-21 March 2010 - with ParalympicsGB sending 12 athletes to compete in the Winter sports of Wheelchair Curling and Alpine Skiing. Find out more about the Paralympic athletes representing GB in Vancouver and about the Winter Paralympics in general.

ParalympicsGB are a registered charity and need your support to ensure our athletes are best prepared to represent GB at the Paralympic Games. Support ParalympicsGB online and cheer on your country! If you’re looking for inspiration to boost your performance at work look no further than our own paralympians. Awesome!

Media Trust - Share your knowledge, become a volunteer

In Greater London we’ve formed a partnership with the Media Trust charity and now you can get involved and share your knowledge.

media trustMedia Trust works help charities with their communications. Their free resources and practical training events underpin all their work with charities and community groups across the country. They offer insight and tools for charity professionals to help them communicate more effectively.

Media Trust couldn’t provide the range and depth of these services without the support of volunteers like you. With just a little of your time, experience and knowledge, you’ll increase a charity’s chances of getting their message across. And your hard work will look great on your CV.

Speaking at one of their events
You don’t have to be a professional trainer; just bring with you your professional experience and an insight into how you've made positive changes to your projects. You’d address small, informal groups of charity professionals eager to learn and participate in lively discussions, and be given all the practical information you need and match your skills to the events.

Sharing your knowledge through our free resources
If you’re brimming with advice and knowledge on marketing and communications issues, why not share them with Media Trust so that they can pass them onto charities and communities? To get involved, email your 5 Top Tips that they can publish in their eNewsletter, a blog post, or an article that you’ve recently published in a trade journal.

What’s in it for you?
Volunteering can have a positive professional and personal impact on you. Our volunteers tell us:

  • You’re giving directly to a charity in a practical and valuable way.
  • You’re developing your professional leadership, public speaking and problem solving skills.
  • You’re giving profile to you and your organisation within the charity and media sectors.
  • You’re validating what you know and confirming that your knowledge is important to your organisation and others.

What next? Get involved. Find out more by calling 0207 2173717 or visit www.mediatrust.org

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