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15 Sep

Meet with drinks, Holborn


17 Sep

SME social commerce making Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pay off, Stukeley Street


21 Sep

Website usability – creating great websites, City Road, London


22 Sep

Marketing to architects, Portland Place


22 Sep

Social Marketing 2010, Centre Point Tower


23 Sep

Innovation and ingenuity; celebrating marketing success in adverse times, Godliman Street


27 Sep

Are your customers for life or just for lunch?, Great Russell Street


30 Sep

Meet with Drinks, Ealing


5 Oct

Search engine optimisation, City Road, London


7 Oct

Social marketing forum 2010, BPP Business School, Fitzwilliam House


14 Oct

Meet with Drinks, Holborn


19 Oct

Writing for the web, City Road, London


19 Oct

How to measure the effectiveness of marketing, Croydon
Speakers: Steve Messenger and Nigel Wood


28 Oct

Is TV advertising finished tuned in or turned off?, High Holborn


28 Oct

Meet with Drinks, Ealing


29 Oct

Digital marketing boot camp, University of Hertfordshire Business School


3 Nov

Women in Marketing Awards, The May Fair Hotel, London


6 Nov

CIM GLR Study Smarter Podcasts, multiple launch


10 Nov

How to get your business noticed in the market place, Baron’s Court


30 Nov

Social Media Results For PR & Comms, Hotel Russell, London


A word from Philip Preston
Philip Preston

It’s good to have a plan

One of my wife’s favourite weekend sayings is, “Right, OK”. What this actually means is she’s bored sitting around drinking coffee, reading the daily newspapers and wants us to do something or go out somewhere.

As this happens every Saturday you’d think that by now I’d already have prepared a plan at least 24 hours earlier. Unfortunately, I’m always caught on the hop.

Of course in business this is a dangerous situation to be in – as ex New York mayor Rudi Giuliani once said, “Hope is not a strategy.” So it’s always best to have a plan.

This is something that’s drummed into all good marketers at birth, and is relevant across all marketing activities from strategic marketing planning to writing tactical promotional plans. However, when it comes to digital marketing I get the feeling that some marketers are ignoring the basics and jumping in with both feet, particularly when it comes to social media.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, Linkedin et al. all have their place, but their place is part of a digital marketing plan which in turn is part of the strategic marketing plan.

Having just completed and passed with flying colours the Digital Marketing Planning module for the new CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing I was pleased to be able to apply successfully all my previous planning knowledge. Here’s an extract from the contents page of my assignment – recognise the format?situational analysis

1. Situation Analysis
1.1. Customers
1.2. Market
1.3. Competition
1.4. Intermediaries and Strategic Alliances
1.5. SWOT
2. Digital Activity Analysis
3. Strategy
4. Objectives and KPIs
5. Target Market
6. Brand and Positioning
7. Marketing Mix
8. Digital Marketing Plan

I also included schedules, budget, ROI and control measures - all good planning tools. So, my advice in this brand new world of digital this and digital that is to go back to basics, write a plan and don’t leave everything to chance.

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What hasn’t happened yet

The shape of digital to come

Shape the Agenda papers set out the latest thinking on topics affecting the marketing profession. The latest paper, What hasn’t happened yet: the shape of digital to come examines the future of digital marketing, and how it can influence customer behaviour.

The paper shows how e-marketing has the means to track consumer behaviours, so it can almost predict what customers want to buy before they know it themselves. Cookies on the internet can track behaviours and trains of thought. Say you’re looking at a car webpage, and then look at a loan website, the cookies will predict that you might be looking to buy a new car, so car adverts will flash up on screen. It’s almost by magic, you think, as if they can read your mind! And in a sense this is what digital marketing can do. It can monitor consumers’ behaviours and predict and supply information that is likely to be relevant.

Find out more about this and other ways that you could use digital marketing, by downloading the latest Shape the agenda paper.

More information is available

If you want to learn more about the opportunities that digital marketing can bring, then the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing could be for you.  Or, if you just want to research key topics, try the Institute’s digital resources information pages.

Digital Marketing Boot Camp

If you want to know what’s happening in digital marketing now then why not attend our Digital Marketing Boot Camp at the University of Hertfordshire Business School on 29 October.

We have compiled a programme of short seminars focusing on areas such as paid search, social media, search engine optimisation and website design. What is more we have divided it into beginner and advanced streams to give you the choice to learn at a pace you are comfortable with. After attending this event, you will have real practical tools you can take back to your organisation that will have an impact on your marketing effectiveness.

Beginners Stream
10:30 Social media for dummies
12:00 SEO for beginners
14:00 Do-it-yourself paid search

Advanced Stream
10:30 Advanced web design
12:00 Advanced social media
14:00 Advanced SEO

To find out more and book visit the CIM website

University of Hertfordshire Business SchoolThe Boot Camp takes place at the University of Hertfordshire Business School. The Business School is passionately committed to lifelong learning and helping marketers realise their full potential. To meet the growing demands on marketers to become professionally accredited, the Business School offers a range of development programmes including the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, Professional Diploma in Marketing and the new CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

All of these courses are intensively delivered over weekend sessions at the state-of-the-art de Havilland Campus, enabling students to fit study around existing commitments. Students also have full access to the University’s award-winning Learning Resource Centres and online learning environment.

For more information about CIM and CAM courses starting in September and October: Email, call 01707 285552 / 285417 or visit

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Prize draw - win a two-night stay in a London Hotel

Premier InnPremier InnSee another side to London – win a hotel break. Whether you’re looking for nightlife or art galleries, museums or West End shows, there’s so much to enjoy. You could win a break in London, courtesy of the award-winning Premier Inn.

Premier Inn is the UK and Ireland's biggest and fastest growing hotel company. With Lenny Henry as its marketing icon, each en-suite room has TV with Freeview, WiFi internet access, comfortable surroundings and friendly service.

The lucky winner will be treated to a two-night stay at any of Premier Inn’s central London hotels. Breakfast is also included on both mornings.

Enter the prize draw today for your chance to win.


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How to plan for online success with the Internet Advertising Bureau

iab7 top tips for online success in 2011

As we approach 2011, it’s clear that the online marketing landscape is entirely different to what it was a year ago. People are using the internet in different, more varied ways which means it’s time to step back and re-evaluate our strategies for the year ahead.

Jack Wallington, Head of Industry Programmes at the Internet Advertising Bureau takes us through their seven top tips for digital success.

  1. UK Online MeasurementAudience information: in 2010 the UK Online Measurement company (UKOM) launched - the only industry agreed audience planning currency. UKOM measures what sites the UK population visits each month, how long they spend on individual sites, the types of content they prefer and more.This data is then broken down by an array of demographic information like age, gender, socio-economic class and household income. In a maturing medium, UKOM is a serious solution to achieving accurate media buys.
  2. Variation in online activity: no longer is the web just about static content, it’s as much about online video and interactive content like games as it is about text and images. 5.5 billion videos were viewed online in the UK in February 2010, up 37% versus the previous year (comScore Video Metrix, April 2010) and 6.9% of time spent online in the UK is spent playing games, surpassed only by social networking and email (UKOM, 2010). Marketers must still reach consumers online through proven methods like online display, email and websites. However, you should also consider ways to reach people through increasingly popular types of content like games and video.
  3. iPadPortable internet: the mobile industry has been shouting about the importance of portable internet for over a decade, but over the past few years mobile has really come into its own. 23% of time spent online in the UK is now spent on mobile internet (UKOM and comScore MMM 2010). The importance of mobile is so great, that for some businesses mobile internet is more important than fixed line internet. If you aren’t convinced yet, you’re already behind your consumers.
  4. myspaceSocial multiplier: despite what people may think, the internet has never been a solitary medium, it has always been a facilitator for socialising – more so than any other technology. Almost a quarter of time spent online is using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs and forums (UKOM, 2010). This, however, only tells part of the story. On the internet, businesses can become part of the social story in many ways. The most obvious are monitoring reputation and interacting with consumers directly in social media. In 2011 marketers must also understand the effects of placing their brand alongside popular, talked about online content. For instance, what is the true impact of a shared viral video, or email/twitter discussions during TV programmes, or the impact of a good banner ad next to a highly discussed news article, or even friends discussing something they’ve seen online down the pub? There’s a much bigger story here than raw stats can tell us and in 2011 we need to find out what it is.
  5. inboxBack to basics: through all of the hype around social media, iPads and other exciting developments, marketers must remember the tried and true staples of online marketing. In a recent IAB survey of the top 100 brands, 61% felt their website was underperforming against core objectives (IAB National Search Barometer 2010). Few businesses have the perfect web presence or email marketing technique, and quite often they’re undervalued. Yet the likes of email, display, search and your own website are core to online activity, often delivering the best results. In 2011 there is no excuse for businesses to under perform in online marketing basics – there is an abundance of training and educational material available on the market.
  6. biscuitsAdvanced targeting: forget the myths, behavioural advertising is one of the most exciting developments to happen to marketing and it’s increasingly popular with advertisers.The IAB estimates behavioural advertising to be about 50% of display advertising in the UK. Behavioural advertising helps make sense of the chaotic world of the web by putting the emphasis on the consumer to ensure they only see advertising that is of interest to them. If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace this advanced method of engaging with your audience.
  7. Branding: the internet has a problem which is also its strongest asset: we can measure every response. With data pouring out of ears we’ve lost sight of brand building online, yet brand is one of the best ways to draw attention and differentiate from the competition. Thousands of case studies exist that prove the likes of online display ads can build brand as well as the other tools available. Many advertisers have mastered online direct response, but not online brand building. This presents a huge opportunity for the businesses that get there first.

It may sound obvious, but there are so many good resources to help you understand online marketing, yet they’re only good if you use them. To prepare for the year ahead, it is strongly recommended that you invest 15 - 30 minutes a week to refresh your knowledge and find out what your competition is doing by visiting the likes of Marketing Zone and the IAB website.

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Social marketing forum on 7 October

Social MarketingSocial marketing is a tool which focuses on influencing behaviours and has a huge influence on encouraging opinions on healthier lifestyles, pro-environmental behaviours and reducing social inequalities. If social marketing plays a part in your working life, then have a look at the Social Marketing interest group event, Social Marketing Forum on 7 October.

This event will include high profile and topical speakers, and will present their response to the Institute's Shape the Agenda paper 'Less Smoke, More Fire' which discusses the benefits and impacts of social marketing. It will provide good practice examples of social marketing, so definitely a useful event to help you create your social marketing plans for 2011. Just book here.

Or, you can join the Social Marketing Interest Group today.

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Women in Marketing Awards – deadline extended to 23 September and book for the ceremony

ChampagneAre you ready to win?

The deadline for the Women in Marketing Awards has been extended to Thursday 23 September so you've still got a couple of weeks to put together an award-winning entry.

It's simple and free to enter and the judges are looking for quality above quantity. To enter, just prepare around 750 words describing your marketing campaign and why it makes you a winner, and then back up your application with supporting evidence such as brochures and images. That's all there is to it. As long as your application presents a strong case, then you're in with a fighting chance of winning one of the first Women in Marketing Awards. You could even nominate a colleague for an award for a surprise! The ceremony is at the contemporary May Fair Hotel, book now for tickets.

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London calling...

London membersInsights from London members on planning for the future

What do our members think about the importance of planning for the future? We asked for your opinions in the July issue of GLR News and your responses show that you believe planning for the future is essential.

Here’s what you had to say.

What is the single biggest change you foresee next year, that will impact on your company?

Over 60% of answers, perhaps unsurprisingly, included reference to the economy and spending cuts:

“A merger with a bigger company”

“Smaller budgets”

“Government changes”

“An improvement in the effects of the recession”

“Economic climate”

“Interest rate increase”

In the past, how has creating a marketing plan helped your business?

“By focusing us on the core objectives of our business, and orienting all strategic and creative endeavours”

“It’s allowed us to be more focussed and ‘smart’ about where we spend our money - with tighter budgets on what we have to spend”

“Helped to focus on priority clients and opportunities offering a business strategic direction

“Clear focus and direction"

What is your marketing focus for the next 12 months?

The majority of answers highlighted the focus on tightening the belts and getting the best return on investment.

“Online, and email marketing, and to develop our social media involvement”

“Getting more for less”

“How to make new media work for us

“To build on turnover”

“Increased customer spend"

Social media results event – save £150

Social MediaTried and tested social media strategies for PR & Communications

30 November 2010, Hotel Russell, London

Find out more about the event:

Genuinely engage audiences, fully embed and integrate social media practices and clearly demonstrate real results.

For those who have embraced social media and learnt how to harness its power, it is yielding real results to the bottom line. Mobilising and monetising social media is not as easy as it looks. Delivering real benefits, tangibly increasing awareness or hitting ever-tougher targets, takes skill. So how do you embed it in your organisation so that it’s business as usual and accepted by all? How do you integrate it with all your other campaign activities and, ultimately, how do you measure and evaluate its worth to get resources and buy-in? This intensive one-day conference brings together some of the UK’s biggest brands at the forefront of social media innovation to begin to answer just that.

Members of The Chartered Institute of Marketing receive a £150 discount. Just quote CIM under ID code when you register online.

Over 21 brands from companies as wide-ranging as Google UK – YouTube, facebook, Volvo, COI, Sainsbury’s, JustGiving, Dell, King of Shaves, Santander,, Motorola, VisitBritain, Financial Times, British Red Cross, Jaguar Land Rover, Eurostar, Breast Cancer Care, Greenpeace, Marks & Spencer, BBC and will discuss how they are demonstrating real results from social media.

The conference will also be followed by two half-day post-conference workshops on Exploiting Free Monitoring Tools as well as Harnessing Twitter on 1 December.

For more information visit

ElectionsBoard of Trustees and the future

Elections are still a top focus

Election fever might be all over for the government this year, but for The Chartered Institute of Marketing, it’s still a hot topic. November will see the elections for the Board of Trustees (BoT) and we’re encouraging you to get involved and vote for the candidate who you think fits the bill.

What’s the role of the Board of Trustees?

The BoT is the body that oversees the operations and future direction of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. That means they have input into every aspect of your membership; from research and facilities, to events and qualifications. So it’s important that you know what their plans are.

Why not stand for candidate?

If you’re serious about showing the region what you have to offer, then you could stand as a candidate to become a Trustee. You’ll need to be a Voting Member (members with letters ACIM, MCIM or FCIM) and be proposed and seconded by Voting Members. So, if you have fresh talent, new marketing ideas to bring to the table and a real desire to help others and make a difference, then you could be a candidate. The closing date for receipt of nomination forms will be at the beginning of October.

Look out for ballot papers coming out soon.

SMEs less likely to cut marketing budget says latest trends survey

Marketing Trends SurveyMarketing Trends Surveys are published by the Institute twice a year. The latest survey shows that small and medium sized businesses are less likely to cut their marketing budgets in the face of a recession than larger companies.

In a bit of good news for a change, it reveals that SMEs are taking a positive approach to business growth over the next 12 months, and their optimism in addressing marketing shows in the integral role that it plays in their business structure.

"These latest findings are marked by the difficult year experienced across all industry sectors,” said David Thorp, director of research and professional development at the Institute. Read the article“As we come out of the downturn, it is reassuring to see that small business has faced these difficult economic times well, with growth projected for the next 12 months. Marketing's role is firmly in place in these organisations, showing that small businesses really do understand marketing."

CIM Study Insights go digital (in downloadable chunks)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s GLR team is dedicated to looking after studying members, has traditionally run Open Day ‘welcome events’ for new members in Central London each October and April. These have proven very popular and extremely beneficial for members to discover more about benefits of membership, gain advice for tackling Assignments/Exams, and Career advice.

However, attending a Saturday event is not convenient for many busy students, so this November will see the ‘open day’ concept ‘go digital’ with content provided in a series of downloadable podcasts.

Available to download from 6 November, these podcasts will give studying members the flexibility to download and listen at any time, so you’re not tied to an event date and location. And, they are all set up to be downloaded to your PC, iPod, Smart phone or portal device so you can manage how and when you learn.

Each podcasts is around 30 minutes long, and the first four to be launched will cover the following topics, with other CIM study topics added in the coming months:

  1. How to maximise the benefit of your CIM Membership
  2. How to pass CIM Exams - revision & exam hints and tips
  3. How to pass CIM Assignments – get started, get unstuck, finish to standard
  4. How to get qualified as a Digital Marketer with CAM/CIM (exemptions apply)

You can download the one you want, or download all four – they’re completely free! Plus, each podcast will have a supporting factsheet so you’ll be fully equipped to tackle your studies and to get the most from your membership.

Visit the SSG website to find out more, or call them on 01784 463057.

Hanbury Manor in WareThe winner of last month’s prize draw

Congratulations to Siobhon Watson, Head of Marketing at HSBC Merchant Services who was the lucky winner of the spa break at the luxury Hanbury Manor in Ware, Hertfordshire.

“Great news!” said Siobhon, on hearing that she was the London member lucky enough to win this fabulous break, “Many, many thanks!”

We’re all very jealous and wish her a lovely time!

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Charity partners

MovemberGrow a ‘Mo’ and raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Charity

Ever wondered what you’d look like with a moustache? Well here’s your opportunity!

The Prostate Cancer Charity is the UK partner of the Australian Movember mo-vement. Movember (the month formally known as November) is a charity event held during November each year.

MovemberAt the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants known as Mo Bros then have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their Mo and along the way raise awareness about prostate cancer and funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Movember finishes with a series of mo-mentous Gala Partés including one in London. These glamorous and groomed events will see Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan and Borat look-a-likes battle it out for their chance to take home the prestigious Man of Movember title.

While growing a Mo is left to the guys, Mo Sistas (ladies who support their guys or just love Mo's!) form an important part of Movember by recruiting Mo Bros, helping to raise funds and attending the highly anticipated Gala Partés.


But it's not all fun and games, so why the extreme behaviour?

One man dies every hour in the UK from prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men in the UK. The Prostate Cancer Charity fights prostate cancer on every front – through research, support, information and campaigning.

So come on London - grow a mo and help us to help more men with prostate cancer - sign up to today! Don’t forget to tell the editor and we’ll give you a mention.

Media Trust - planning for the future: it’s smart, it’s simple, its digital!

In the uncertain economic climate, charities and community groups across the country have to do more for less, and funds for communications and marketing can often be the first to go. Most charity professionals know that there is huge potential in digital media to reach and influence a wider audience – especially social media – but many lack the expertise to develop a cost-effective strategy that is truly fit for purpose. This is where Media Trust comes in.

Media TrustMedia Trust is extremely well-placed to develop dynamic, innovative resources, support and training to ensure that the sector’s ability to continue to promote its services is not diminished.

“Too many charities, communities and young people are missing out on the vast benefits of digital media,” says Gavin Sheppard, Media Trust’s Director of Marketing. This campaign sets out to encourage digital professionals of all levels to pass on their skills, including those who might otherwise hesitate to volunteer, via a range of flexible options.”

In recent months Media Trust has match-made a number of unique and inspiring projects with volunteers with digital marketing skills. Volunteers from Virgin Media Television, based in London, were matched with Act for Change, a charity supporting young people to develop their social responsibility, and developed a social media plan to engage young people the breadth of which would never have been possible without the expertise and resources of the volunteers.

Digital IQ TestBuilding upon their successes, Media Trust is now launching a national campaign to encourage more media professionals with digital skills to volunteer and share their expertise with the charities, communities and young people that need them, and marketing professionals are central to the campaign’s success.

The first phase of the campaign has just launched with a Digital IQ Test, hosted on Facebook that analyses players' general knowledge as well as their affinity for different types of digital media. When players have completed the test they are given examples of how their skills could be used to benefit others. The campaign lays strong emphasis on demonstrating that, however brief the time invested by a volunteer, it can make a genuine difference to the most isolated of communities, helping them get their messages heard and reach new audiences.

Come on London, do your bit for the future of these charities. See how you could help and take the digital IQ test today!

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